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Istanbul (IST)

Holidays in the Maldives
Asia · Maldives
Feb 26, 2021 4 min read
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Taste Turkish cuisine

Turkey is a state located in Asia Minor and to a lesser extent in Southeastern Europe. Istanbul is a richer and more modern city than Prague. On the contrary, in the east around Vanu is a great poverty.In normal tourism, one gets mainly to the richer parts of Turkey. Istanbul, Ankara and tourist resorts on the coast are without any problems.

In Turkey, it is generally relatively cheap. Turkey is one of the cheapest countries within reach of ordinary Czech tourists. Gradually, however, labor productivity is increasing in Turkey.

The most frequent and sensible choice of Czech travelers is heading to the Turkish Riviera when they want to enjoy swimming, sunshine and a drop of exoticism. This is a lowland area on the south coast of Asia Minor around the city of Antalya. Lots of big beaches, lots of accommodation. Excellent possibilities to travel around inland monuments (4 ancient cities) or to nearby mountains, such as the Olimpos National Park. The airport is near the largest city Antalya.

In Turkey, it is really clean, no landfills, discarded garbage, but vice versa. The only thing is shattering.

Turkish food

Kebab is the most widespread in Turkey. There are several different kinds of kebabs and make up most of the meat dishes. Fortunately, there are only a few kebabs.

Döner kebab is slowly roasted meat on a large vertical spit, cut in pieces. Pieces of meat are usually served with rice or wrapped with some vegetables in a pita, soft bread pancakes.

Pilav is the name for rice. Rice in Turkey is prepared with. However, in some areas, under the name pilav hides another food that looks and tastes like risotto. So there are more kinds of pilav. Quite often, they are also prepared in an Indian way with Indian spices.

Iskender kebab is roasted beef served on pieces of sliced bread (to make it look like more), topped with thick red sauce and spicy yogurt.

Shish kebabs are skewers. They differ little from those prepared in the Czech Republic. Pieces of meat are interleaved with onion, pepper and tomato on a skewer, then roasted.

In tourist areas, of course, it is a bit different, unfortunately. Here, hospitality is made by retailers to impress and sell the customer. Everywhere else, especially inland, hospitality is sincere. Already purchased?

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