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Take your kids for the autumn holidays at Phantasialand!

Take advantage of five free days to book family tickets and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the amusement park!

Phantasialand is the number one amusement park and is one of the most visited in Europe.

Parents who love adrenaline fun in the form of wild attractions will also enjoy.

The park is divided into thematic parts such as Mystery, Wild West, Fantasy, but also Africa, China and Mexico.

Also, the attractions are stylized exactly to the themes to fit perfectly.

This theme park is designed for children and adults of all ages. Every part of Phantasialand is tailor-made for all visitors.

A variety of high-quality entertainment awaits you at the following entertainment attractions: a 4D cinema for movie enthusiasts, roller coasters, and a free fall for the adrenaline kings as well as a bouncy rubber and autodrome for smaller children.

Of course there are waterways, swivel benches, roundabouts or rides on the water.

The biggest attractions are Black Mamba in Africa, Colorado Adventures, the latest playgrounds, the River Wild River Quest and more.

You will definitely not be bored here, here you will experience true wilderness!

Don’t miss out on the free fall of 65 meters at Mystery Castle!

Even the less courageous parents will be bored here, with performances of pirates, Indians, cowboys and unbridled dancers.

You must not deprive your children of this perfect vacation, so pack your entire family’s luggage and head for an unforgettable long weekend.

Book your family tickets right away so you don’t miss a day of great fun!

Your children will be grateful, the sight of happy children is the most beautiful, do not hesitate, the seats on the plane are rapidly decreasing!

Book your tickets online only with us at the best prices!

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