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Gothenburg (GOT)

Take your family to the Liseberg entertainment center

One of the most visited entertainment centers in Scandinavia is the Liseberg Park in Gothenburg, which is visited by more than two million visitors annually. In the new, coming, year, you and your family must not be missing!

At Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg your children will be in paradise!

The name of the park dates back to the 18th century, when local landowner Johan Anders Lamberg named his land Lisas Berg after his wife Lisa.

In the 1820s a small amusement park and congress center were opened for visitors. The biggest attraction was the 996 meter long wooden cable car. The park was supposed to be open only for one month, but due to the huge interest of visitors it has remained open to this day. The symbol of the park is a green-pink bunny.

The most popular attractions include the Balder wooden roller coaster - which is especially enjoyed by dads - which reaches a speed of 85 km per hour, the Flumeride water attractions and the Kanonen roller coaster. There are also many souvenir shops, restaurants and games rooms in the park.

Especially you can buy tickets to the haunted hotel Gasten. However, this is only for strong characters, throughout the attraction visitors are accompanied by actors in costumes. Visitors must also follow certain rules here: visitors must not touch anything and must hold each other by the shoulders and form a “train”. How fast such a group can move you will know when the last in a row crawls zombies.

The park is literally a paradise garden, a truly inviting place to relax on one of the beautiful summer days.

Everybody’s forgotten here, all the fun is enjoyed by small, big, young and old, dress Scandinavia with us, buy tickets at the best prices and save a lot of money!

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