New York by bike
New York by Bike
North America · New York - USA
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Fly to the ski mecca in January
North America · Colorado - USA
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Before the trip?
What needs to be solved before going to exotic
Travel insurance Be sure to remember before leaving. For a few crowns a day you can be protected against millions of medical interventions. Even if you are going on a quiet holiday, where you will sunshine 10 days in the resort, still insure. A healthy person like a rip may collapse an exotic bacillus, or inadvertently cause harm to someone else. And if you go on holiday adrenaline sports or other more action activities, arrange for sure as well.
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A few tips on how to avoid meeting a bear
Every day we update you with a diverse range of tips on where to go on holiday or exploring, for example, in countries where nature is low for tourists, bears may be the most dangerous of big carnivores, try to avoid meeting early and save yourself unpleasant moment. First of all, it is important to stick to hiking trails if possible. If you walk through confusing terrain, talk or sing, or hear a variety of unnatural sounds, such as the tinkling of metal objects, so that bears know about you in time and have the opportunity to avoid you.
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Fly glamp
When we say the word camping and camping, everyone recalls the tents, caravans and the special unrepeatable atmosphere of camping and toasting sausages at the campfire. Holiday with gas stoves, tripod stew and folding tables. This is perhaps the only thing that glamping has in common with camping. In recent years, glamor camping has conquered the world, is one of the most stylish and luxurious accommodation that modern tourism has to offer, and at the same time it is an expression of the most modern yet naturally-integrated architecture and design.
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The best things in the world are experiences and knowledge
Going on vacation or just for a sightseeing weekend abroad? Do you want to visit neighboring countries or an island in distant parts? Travel agency offers are disadvantageous, uninteresting, limited? Travel agencies are attracted to comfort, you do not bear the burden of responsibility and do not have to plan anything in advance. Be sure to read the information about the country and the place where you intend to stay for a while before traveling on your own.
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