What does not belong in hand luggage
Security check is always a little stress. Somewhere they let you pass quickly, elsewhere they thoroughly sew you through. What can you do to get through it as quickly as possible? First, prepare well in advance. Traveling only with hand luggage has many advantages. On the other hand, you need to get everything into it. And this can be a problem with checking. Be sure to leave all forbidden things at home.
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Bridge of glass

Colorful trees
Rainbow eucalyptus forest
Iridescent eucalyptus trees do exist. There were no avant-garde artists among the trees, nor a fierce paintball battle. Multicolored trees were created by Mother Nature herself. Without photoshop. The real name of the rainbow tree is the eucalyptus peeled. The peeling is the whole joke. Upon closer inspection you will find that the wildly colored trunk is plastic, as if patched and full of differently raised layers of thin crust. As the tree grows, exhausted tissue peeles off in long strips and reveals new bark.
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UNESCO intangible monuments
South America · Peru
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Sri Lanka

Islands of dreams

Breathtaking desert

Where to go for an active holiday
Central America and the Caribbean · Mexico
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Turkish comfort
Holidays in Turkey
Europe · Turkey
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