Alaska is calling, honey…
Do you hear the call of wilderness and gold? It’s from Alaska. Listen to the great land where the Kodiak bears have a good night, and come and get some gold. Experience agencies will turn you into a gold digger for a few hours with all the trimmings. So if you loved the raw atmosphere of Jack London’s novels as young people, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and immerse them in the icy water of the gold-bearing streams.
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Thailand differently

Target? Golf!

Indian bridges

Artist Banksy
Banksy hotelier
Asia · Israel
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Vertical garden

What does not belong in hand luggage
Security check is always a little stress. Somewhere they let you pass quickly, elsewhere they thoroughly sew you through. What can you do to get through it as quickly as possible? First, prepare well in advance. Traveling only with hand luggage has many advantages. On the other hand, you need to get everything into it. And this can be a problem with checking. Be sure to leave all forbidden things at home.
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