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Quito (UIO)

Swing at the end of the world

People swinging on a board suspended on a thin branch above 300 m high escarpment would attract the attention of the authorities. But this is Ecuador. Anyone willing to overcome 2,600 m above sea level is rewarded with adrenaline-encrusted childhood and a divine view of the volcano that can unleash hell at any moment. That’s why Casa del Arbol is the most popular attraction in Baños.

Swing overlooking the eruption

Casa del Arbol is not just here for great. It is a functional seismological base. It was built by Carlos Sánchez, guardian of Mt. Tungurahua. Rocking helps him relax. Alone in the last rave of the volcano in 2006 for two weeks stuck on top of a hill and survived thanks to the background of his observation. For a small fee ($ 2), the view from the swing and tree base platform is happy to share with everyone who comes. And he is not afraid.

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Adrenaline in reasonable doses

There are actually more swings here, but you will probably stand for a while in line. Calmly talk to Carlos. He’ll tell you all about the volcano he is guarding. And if you feel like rocking above the edge, try another adrenaline lure that has been added to the Casa del Arbol - zipline.

All roads lead to Casa del Arbol

There are several ways to get to the swing. Those who want to stretch their legs take it on foot and miss the next Bellavista Viewpoint on the way. You can also reach the top in a rented car or quad, even by bus.

Where tourists are, they are also entrepreneurs. If you don’t dare go up to Casa del Arbol, there are several companies in the area that will take you straight to the swing and back again. They leave several times a day. However, be aware that these tours are organized in large groups, and that means that they are taking along with you a longer queue, which you will have to stand.

Established swing or this is not, but

Depending on the direction you go, you may come across an alternate tree house with a swing that was built on a hillside near Casa del Arbol and perhaps a bit parasitic on the glory of “Swings on the Edge of the World”. However, even from them there is a beautiful view of the surrounding national parks Sangay and Llanganates and the price for a swing is half, so why not try and compare experiences. Swing and then continue on a short trail to the top.

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