Whether you are a fan of active holidays, coming with your family with small children, you’ll enjoy your visit. Alternatively, there are many monuments to see which are hard to find them anywhere else.

The best beaches of Sri Lanka

It will be very difficult to choose from endless opportunities in beaches in Sri Lanka. Beautiful beaches lined with palm trees with fine white sand, in contrast to the azure blue Indian Ocean, will not leave anyone unexcited. It’s up to you whether you choose the section with perfectly bars seting up with sun loungers or prefer privacy in a secluded bay.


It is located in the south of the island. It is considered one of the most gorgeous and famous beaches in Sri Lanka. There are many activities, such as surfing or snorkeling, open bars with music on the beach, whale and dolphin watching, climbing to the nearby Kandavahari Temple or you can get a massage here.


The beach is rather relaxing, the sea is calm and there are almost no waves. Therefore, it is not suitable for surfing. It is lined with restaurants and bars that take you to the beach. Most of these establishments have small shelters on the beach, where waiters will bring you food and drink throughout the day. It is better to protect yourself from the sun, because the sun in Sri Lanka is unpredictable and you can get sunburn easily. In the evening, these establishments turn into a romantic restaurant, where you can dine right on the beach with candlelight and the sounds of the sea.


It is an ideal beach for a romantic walk, but certainly not intended for swimming as strong undercurrents are dangerous. A bigger attraction is the nearby national park.

Uppuveli a Nilaveli

The most beautiful beaches in the east of the island and the best beaches for snorkeling. Just drive to the nearby island of Pigeon and its coral reef. Whales and dolphins can also be watched from here.


Beach suitable for snorkeling or surfing. The best conditions are from November to March. It is one of the most visited places in Sri Lanka, so it is not suitable for relaxation. Especially during the peak season, it is a great beach for party lovers, thanks to the numerous clubs and bars.

Sights in Sri Lanka

Despite the relatively small size of the island, you can find eight UNESCO monuments here, which can be easily visited in one week. These include the historic Galle in the south of the island with its famous fortress from the Dutch colonial period, the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. The Dambulla Cave Temple should be present on your list.

Temple of the Tooth

It is named after the most valuable Buddhist artifact — Buddha’s tooth. Only the chosen ones may see this treasure, but tourists can at least look at the box in which the tooth is stored. There are many Buddha statues in this temple complex, you have to be very careful not to stand with your back to the Buddha. It is important to dress properly in this temple — cover yourself, otherwise you will not be allowed into the temple. In the beginning, you will show bags and shoes and you can buy lotus flowers, which are placed on the sacrificial table.

The tooth also has its feast, which is considered the most beautiful even in all of Asia. Its name is Esala Perahera and is held annually in July or August.

Dambulla Cave Temple

It is the center of Sri Lanka and the cultural triangle (Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Kandy). It was created as a thank to King Valagam, who hid in the complex for 14 years from his enemies. There are up to 150 Buddha statues and several rulers in the five caves, many murals depicting the history of Buddhism. From here you can see the nearby Lion’s Rock. Again, the rule with suitable clothing and entry without shoes applies.

Galle Fort

The most beautiful city in Sri Lanka. You won’t find any temples here, but you can enjoy Dutch colonial villas and old churches. One option is to stroll through the mountains and overlook the Indian Ocean or stroll through the alleys full of shops and cafés. Galle is located on the south coast 10 km from Unawatuna.


The former royal city, which together with the cities of Kandy and Anuradhapura forms a cultural triangle. An interesting part is the ancient part of town which is full of monuments. Gal Vihara Complex - a group of four statues carved in stone, the Sacred Quadrangle & mdash; where important temples and others are located.

Tips for trips

Thanks to the fact that transportation is so cheap, you can plan a lot of trips around the island.


In the middle of the cultural triangle is Lion Rock, a large block of molten magma that hardened and plugged a an old volcano. At the top of the rock you will find the remains of a fortress. Around the rock you can see water and terraced gardens, ponds and reservoirs. Rock wall with painted naked women or mirror wall.


Don’t forget to take enough water with you before climbing to the top.

Yala National Park

The most visited place in Sri Lanka, which means a large influx of tourists. If you’re lucky, you can see leopards early in the morning, but you’re sure to see elephants, water buffalo, crocodiles, wild boars, various birds and lizards.

Horton Plateau

Horton Plains National Park is covered with dense forests and cool rivers. Compared to the coast, the temperature is about 10 degrees lower. The view of the Worlds End in the south of the park or Baker Falls is interesting.

Ascent to Adam’s Peak

A place of pilgrimage of all religions, tourists are more interested in the sunrise. In that case, it is necessary to start sometime around two o’clock in the morning. The ascent takes about 3 hours and it is necessary to climb 5200 steps. The path is illuminated and there are also stalls with snacks or souvenirs. It is important to wear suitable sturdy shoes. Even physically fit tourists say that their legs hurt for several days after the ascent, so you need to carefully consider your abilities.

Kandy City

The second largest city in Sri Lanka. The most important monument is the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic at the Kandy Lake. The city of Kandy has its unmistakable atmosphere due to its location in the mountainous part of the island, it is very rugged. From here you can go to the surrounding attractions. E.g. Pinewall’s Elephant Orphanage or Millennium (which is better you have to decide for yourself, opinions vary widely) or botanical gardens where you can buy local products.

Tea plantations

Are you a tea lover? You would not find a fresher tea anywhere else than in Sri Lanka. Tea plantations are scattered on all slopes of the island and the altitude determines the distinctiveness of the tea leaves. Find your guide who will take you to the plantations, where you can pick fresh tea leaves yourself. The most important production areas in Sri Lanka include Dimbula, Uva, Ruhunu, Kandy, Radella and Nuwara Eliya.

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