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Cameroon - the magic of Africa
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Special for adventurers

A beautiful European country that has not yet been hit by mass tourism, Albania, a country on the shores of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, is known mainly by mildly adventurous tourists and mountain lovers.

Perhaps the most visited mountain range is the Albanian Alps (Prokletije), the central part of which is protected. There is the Thethi National Park.

The best time to visit Albania is spring or autumn, in the summer months there is similar weather as in Greece, temperatures here reach over 40 ° C.

Albania is one of the countries where you will find something interesting at almost every step. The most visited places are concentrated in the south and west of the country.

The main Albanian port of Durrës has been important since ancient times, today you can admire ancient excavations, including the once largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans, other important ancient archaeological sites are Apollonia near Fiera.

Most of the Albanian coast also offers great swimming. The most famous is the Riviera between Durrës and Kavajë and around Vlora. In the north you can find the resort of Velipoja or Shëngjin, in the south you can find Sarandë and villages north of it. There are always clean, deserted beaches waiting for you.

Another Albanian attraction is the local mountains. Predominantly limestone mountains cover the entire eastern half of the country and especially in the south extends to the coast. The Albanian mountains are very desolate, yet so beautiful.

If you go trekking in the Albanian mountains, you should be aware that you will usually be traveling for several days without the possibility of staying overnight under the roof or buying supplies.

The central village of Theth is equipped with a hotel and several private accommodation options.

You can make trips to the mountains, lakes, caves and chasm around Theth. You can hire a mountain guide for longer treks in the village, or even better in advance in Skadar.

Due to its unspoiled nature and folk architecture, the Valbonë Valley is one of the most beautiful in Albania and can also be reached from the eastern side of Bajram Curri.

Also take a boat ride along the Koman Dam on the Drin River. The ferry connects the villages of Koman and Fierzë and significantly shortens the journey to Bajram Curri in the northeastern tip of Albania.

The path leads through narrow gorges surrounded by inaccessible mountains and is reportedly one of the most beautiful waterways in Europe.

Albania is a paradise for enthusiasts of beautiful landscapes and pure nature.

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