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Vancouver (YVR)

Costa Daurada offers beaches and sights
Do you love the sea, but do not want to roll on the beach every day? Would you like to know interesting places? Then take a holiday on the Spanish coast of Costa Daurada, which lies in the southern part of Catalonia. Here you will find the Roman and medieval Tarragon, which lies directly by the sea and a number of landmarks located inland. You will be surprised by the breathtaking landscape with a very fast changing nature, when you will see a not very interesting plain that turns into hills and deciduous forests.
Apr 28, 2016 2 min read
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Something for hiking lovers again - clear your head in the wild Canadian wilderness!

From the window of the plane you can see the beautiful mountains and glaciers of Greenland covered with fresh snow with blue lakes. There is still a long way to go to Vancouver, but the bird’s eye view of the countryside speeds up the journey. In Canada, if you’re heading into the wild, it’s best to go in the summer months when the weather is more acceptable. In clear weather you can see the tops of the snowy mountains - a stunning spectacle!

If you are lucky on a hot day, a fresh breeze blows from the sea to prevent excessive choking. Vancouver has the most pleasant climate in Canada.

Before heading for a week’s stay in the middle of the wilderness, be sure to explore downtown Vancouver, where you can see the vast Stanley Park, Downtown with lots of skyscrapers, colorful China town.

If trekking or staying outside civilization is not the right thing for you, you will surely be satisfied with the beautiful local beaches that you can use to relax and play volleyball. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted with several kilometers of inline skating along the coast. But you can also do many other sports activities here, such as: cycling, jogging, diving, yachting, playing golf, baseball, and in winter you will appreciate a lot of available slopes and cross-country trails.

You won’t be bored in Vancouver!

Near Downtown is a thousand Grouse Mountain, the great is that you can get there by cable car, the locals use this mountain instead of a gym, at least once a week get here and down the cable car.

Very soon you’ll find out how nice and pleasant Canadians are, you’ll love this country.

It is time to head for your dream destination, pick up a car at one of the car rentals to make it easier for you to travel. Head to the Rocky Mountains, Whistler Ski Resort in Garibaldi Provincial Park is also a wonderful town to visit. On the way also stop at the unique Shannon Waterfalls. Staying at a campsite can also be a great experience for anyone who goes on holiday for the first time.

A day trip to Rainbow Lake will be unforgettable, and the surrounding vegetation will also change considerably at altitude, although the valley is overwhelmingly hot, the lake at the top is quite frozen.

Around Lake Rainbow is the northern tundra, a beautiful and breathtaking landscape covered with conifers, lichens, heather, mosses and mountain flowers, but the valley looks more like a tropical forest.

The lake has a sandy bottom, so it certainly also lures you for a pleasant refreshment, around is a clear grassy beach.

Stop by at 100 Mile House, and camping is possible at Horse Lake, which is surrounded by forests. Many locals go fishing on boats if you have the opportunity to join them.

Such a vacation will be unforgettable, unique silence, unspoiled nature and see with your own eyes a bald eagle, deer, trout and evening listening to the coyote howl, it will experience firsthand. The sky dotted with stars will not let you look away from the night sky.

Spend an unconventional holiday in Canada, buy online right now and save a lot of money!

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