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Slovenia is a sea and a pristine landscape

Slovenia will offer you untouched nature and a wonderfully spent holiday. Here you will find greenery and beautiful nature and the sea. This small state offers ever better services and nothing prevents you from spending a pleasant few days or weeks here.

By plane to Slovenia

You can go to Slovenia not only on your own axis, but also by air. There is a regular direct flight from Prague and the flight time is about 65 minutes. Throughout Slovenia, you can travel by local train and bus services with modern connections.

Slovenian Riviera

The coast of about 50 km hides beautiful seaside towns breathing the atmosphere of old Italy. In the past, these towns were in the possession of the Venetians and history is known here. You can visit the towns of Pirana, Koper or Izolu.

The Gulf of Terti offers a climatic spa and a peaceful town with many cozy cafes, evening entertainment and casinos. There are sandy beaches all over the coast. Piran is often compared to Venice, dominated by the church or the picturesque Piazza Tartini. The peninsula protects the fortifications. The walls are accessible for a fee and offer great views of Trieste, the Gulf of Trieste and the Italian mainland.

Worth seeing is Lake Bled, which Slovenians take as their symbol. In the middle of the island there is a small church, to which the ferryman will take you. The lake offers swimming, boating or fishing. Above the lake rises a castle, which you can also go. Triglav National Park, which also includes Lake Bohinj, is located near Lake Bled. You will find many rare fauna and flora including the golden eagle and bears.

Slovenia is worth a visit all year round. Here you will find many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can spend a seaside holiday or an active holiday in the mountains. You only need a passport to travel. The official languages are Slovenian and Italian. Do not forget to book in time. It is definitely worth a trip.


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