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Situated in the heart of the American Mediterranean, the cigar-shaped island offers you a rich history, great beaches and Latin rhythms with quality cigars and rums.

From: #flymeto   |   Mar 19, 2018

Situated in the heart of the American Mediterranean, the cigar-shaped island offers you a rich history, great beaches and Latin rhythms with quality cigars and rums.


Like other Caribbean islands, Cuba has truly breathtaking beaches. Total 5 746 km long coastline and more than 280 beaches will provide enough space for relaxation. The North Coast is a Caribbean classic, fine sand and emerald coves. The south coast is more lined with rocky cliffs, but is much richer in marine life.

Excellent weather

If you want to spend your holidays in areas with very high temperatures, Cuba will not disappoint you. Except for a few cold days in January, February and March, most of the time will be high temperatures and sunny days. Higher humidity can sometimes make the days feel even warmer than it actually is.


Although your awareness of Cuba will be minimal when you hear the word rum, Cuba will surely recall. Rum is one of the most important export articles and has generally become a source of business for local residents. In addition to having such tasty Mojito in the local bars, immediately starting to consider how to extend your holiday, you can also visit the Havana Club Museum (once Bacardi rum) to see how this delicious drink is made. Leaving Cuba, without tasting at least a sample of oak barrel rum, would be a sin.


It is known that the most expensive and best cigars in the world come from Cuba. Tobacco is grown almost all over the country and is Cuba’s largest export article. Whether you are a smoker or not, the production process (eg at the Partágas Tobaco Factory) of these famous cigars is extremely interesting and will undoubtedly enrich your day in Cuba.


Coffee growing has become so important for Cuba that over the years it has completely changed the Cuban landscape. Cuba has the only coffee plantation in the world that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coffee in Cuba is much more perceived as a social event. A true picture of Cuban coffee will show you Colado, a typical Cuban espresso made into a larger cup and served with other small cups you share with friends.

Music and dance

Cubans have music in their blood and you can feel it on every corner. Great street artists, timba bands radiating streets and city parks. Most restaurants cannot do without live music and dance performances. Soak up the Cuban atmosphere of their music, combining rap, jazz, African rhythms and Spanish flamengo.

American cars

You will not find another country where so many old American cars are in the streets in such a beautiful condition. You’ll feel like you’re in the 1960s. Shoot cars, admire them with a raised finger, and you might learn the secret of how cars are still functional, even though genuine spare parts were unavailable in Cuba.

Socialism with your own eyes

Cuba is one of the last countries where you can see the remnants of socialism with your own eyes. Billboards with political messages (not with consumer goods advertising) line the streets, and parks and institutions bear names after ideological heroes such as Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Public gatherings and celebrations are also no exception.

Home Private

Casa Particulars is similar to the well-known AirBnb and has been operating in Cuba for many years. The government allows local residents of Cuba to host tourists in their modest houses alongside the family. This will give you a unique insight into what real Cuban life looks like.

No network

For one nightmare, for another oasis of peace. Enjoy your entire stay in Cuba without an Internet connection and experience time passing slowly here. If you could not imagine a holiday without the Internet, Cuba also offers opportunities to connect.

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