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Seven reasons to visit Seychelles

From: #flymeto   |   Jan 29, 2020

The most beautiful beaches in the world are guaranteed by very fine and dazzling white sand, crystal clear water with all shades of blue and spectacular smooth rock formations that are absolutely stunning. Those who want to avoid the crowd have countless choices as all beaches are freely accessible. Surrounded by palm trees and lush vegetation, most of them provide a pleasant shade.

Culinary experiences

There is no other place in the world to provide such excellent Creole cuisine, which is based mainly on fresh fish and seafood. Moreover, it reflects the diversity of indigenous cultures with their Asian, European and African influences.


Place for relaxation and wedding

The islands guarantee absolute peace for relaxation. Considering that Seychelles is considered a very luxurious destination, it is not visited by crowds of tourists. You will always find empty beaches, making Seychelles an ideal destination for an undisturbed wedding reception or a romantic wedding holiday.

Jungle and mountains

The islands are home to very rough jungles and even mountains, which will surprise most people. As Seychelles is not a volcanic island, the granite mountains are unique in their totally smooth appearance, which captivates every lover of the original scenery. The presence of the jungle and mountains thus encourages activities other than just relaxing on the beach or snorkeling.


Coral reefs

Despite the fact that the whole world is affected by the whitening of coral reefs, there are beautiful places on the island that have a completely intact appearance, where you will be delighted by the fascinating underwater world rich in colorful fish and corals.


Unique fauna and flora

Like the islands themselves, their fauna and flora show great diversity. You will be fascinated by the variety of local birds, exotic animals and interesting flowers. Seychelles inhabit the most endangered species of the world, from the smallest frog on earth to giant turtles. The fact that islands with nature protection for future generations mean seriously proves that over 50% of the territory are national parks and nature reserves.


Safe destination

Given the high standard of living comparable to Central Europe, the crime rate in Seychelles is very low, which will have a positive effect on your mood while on the islands. The bonus is that you can look at the Seychelles whenever you want, because its location is constantly around 30 ° C. The risk is not to visit the island even in the rainy season, because even they are pleasantly warm and do not last for days.

As mentioned, Seychelles is considered a luxury destination, but nowadays it offers luxury for everyone. Yes, you will find very expensive 5-star hotels (such as FourSeasons and Raffles), but also relatively affordable and no worse housing in guest houses. Decide which beach you want to spend your time on and find housing near it.

There is always a lot to do in Seychelles and, compared to standard tropical paradises, hiking and cycling are widespread, which can fill the time between snorkeling, relaxation. Spend the next days strolling through a tea plantation or tasting local rum. What should you not miss on the islands?

Vallée del Mai

Seychelles UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the main reasons Praslin was considered the garden of Eden. Untouched and exotic plants rich rainforest, which flies through various species of birds and bats, which you will not forget.


Festival - Carnival

If you arrive in Seychelles in April it is basically your responsibility to visit the famous carnival, which takes place in the capital Victoria and is one of the most inspiring world events. It has enabled Seychelles to become a meeting point for cultures in several countries. This action also called “Carnival Carnival” # 8221; attracts more than 30 000 tourists a year. It takes place every year and lasts three days, packed with music, colors, extravagance and sharing the heritage of the nations involved. There are up to 30 of them and you can see more than 1,500 participants from these countries.

Recreational fishing

Whether you are an experienced sport fisherman or an enthusiastic beginner, you will be amazed at the opportunities that the fish-rich waters offer. In pristine azure waters you can try traditional fishing techniques, but also fly fishing. Do not miss the exciting night fishing where you can hunt barracudas or sharks from different island locations. Alphonse Island is one of the most popular.


Fruits of Seychelles Lodoicei

Sometimes it is called nuts of love, because of the great similarity to the female background or female wedge in life to life. This giant coconut does not mature until seven years, when it weighs 20 to 30 kilograms and is up to half a meter in diameter. If you would like to buy one of these fruits the price is around 200 euros. Nuts are harvested about two thousand a year and each is marked with a registration mark and thus marked walnut can be taken home, but count in addition to the amount for a souvenir with a surcharge for the overweight in the aircraft.


Golf course with the most beautiful view

At the [Constance Lemuria] Hotel 1, you can visit the 18-hole golf course, one of the most difficult in the world. Passing all 18 holes will give you a wonderful view of the island landscape.


Best air tickets of the day

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