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Norden (NOD)

Set off for the North Sea in summer. You will be captivated by untouched nature

Are you not one of those who like to sunbathe by the sea in forty degrees of heat? Go on a great North Sea holiday. You will be captivated by totally untouched nature and pleasant climatic conditions. You can head to the East Frisian Islands, which belongs to Germany.

National Park Lower Saxony Shallow Sea

In the area between Holland and the mouth of the Weser River into the North Sea, the Lower Saxony Shallow Sea National Park is located. It is about 90 km from the German mainland. It is surrounded by the islands of Norderney, Langeoog, Borkum, Juist, Wangerooge, Spiekeroog and Baltrum. Each one is unique and has a different charm.

The island has a wonderful clean nature and climate. There are no cars. Local residents rely on horse carriages, bikes, carts and other non-motorized vehicles. Energy is produced here only from renewable sources and municipalities on this island have their own micro-power plants.


The nearest island to the Netherlands is Borkum. Its climate is amazing for everyone who is suffering from all sorts of allergies, is the most visited tourist. Covering an area of 35 km, it is the largest of the 7 East Frisian Islands, ranging from wellness to hiking and cultural events. You will enjoy the 25 km long white sand beach.

You no longer have to worry about where to spend this year’s holiday. Simply book and go to Germany. On the islands you will be entertained by their personal charm, friendly residents, many experiences. Clear your head and relax from your everyday worries. Fascinating German nature will bring you many attractions. Accommodation is not expensive, you can stay in hotels, guest houses and complete privacy.

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