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Senegal – Africa for Beginners

From: #flymeto   |   Aug 15, 2019

Africa for Beginners. Such experienced travelers sometimes denounce Senegal a little scornfully. Country Teranga, which means hospitality in the local wolof language, but not only offers overcrowded hotel complexes on the coast. As everywhere in the world, the way you make it is the way you go.

Your 99 percent Senegalese odyssey will start in Dakar at the airport. For passport control, prepare at least the approximate address of the place where you will be staying, just the name of the Dakar quarter. Nothing else you might need to think of me. We have visa-free travel with Senegal and, unlike other countries, I have never met a bribe application here at the airport. After the necessary formalities, the classic African alley of taxi drivers comes. Drivers will hiss at you and offer you a pick-up. It is not because they want to intimidate you, but because people are not banging on hey or wait for each other, but they are going short and clear tss, tsss!

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Choose someone you like and bargain like everywhere in Africa. Bargain hard. Feel free to leave the taxi, eventually you will run out and agree. Prices of course vary according to destination, but in general we can say that for short distances you pay 1000 CAF and for the middle 2000-3000 CAF. Most drivers say twice the first time. For longer distances it is worth renting a car with a driver or taking a bus. The adventurous variant of the transport is called “sept place” and consists of a wagon of indeterminate age, on which firefighters learn to cut sheets in our country, which can accommodate seven people plus a driver.

Flymeto - Senegal – Africa for Beginners

Flymeto - Senegal – Africa for Beginners

Flymeto - Senegal – Africa for Beginners

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Dakar itself is definitely worth a little delay. If you want to buy something for yourself, go to the Sandaga Market, where you will find a small tailoring factory. Eyes are shifting from the patterns of colored fabrics, and when you hear the first suggestions for a shirt or pants, you won’t believe your own ears to change. Have we talked about haggling? And we said you should bargain hard? So bargain too hard here! The normal price for trousers is 2000 CFA, for a cloth handbag from 1500 to 4000, depending on size and for a shirt 4,000 to 7000 depending on the material. Then let me know what price you got.

Pac’s tip

If you are going on a romantic journey with a loved one of the same sex, it might be worth considering a destination other than Senegal. Respectively - if you behave in public with restraint, which also applies to heterosexual couples, nothing threatens you. However, it should be remembered that, despite the general tolerance of local people, we are unfortunately talking about a country where homosexual relations are prohibited by law. Queer couples therefore theoretically face one to five years in prison and a high fine.

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