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Relax and relax in Slovenia's finest spa

Come and see which thermal resorts are one of the most popular in Slovenia.

The Moravske Toplice spa near Murska Sobota boasts hot springs reaching 72 ° C, which were discovered in the 1950s by accident when drilling for oil. These spas offer a long range of therapeutic therapies, services and accompanying programs. The closed spa complex includes 22 indoor and outdoor pools with a total water surface of 5,000 m2. The local rarity is so-called “black thermal water”, which is highly concentrated, cloudy, salty and slightly smells of diesel.

Lendava Spa is one of the newest spa facilities located close to the Hungarian border in the northeast of Slovenia. Healing mineral springs with a high content of paraffin are ideal for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, the consequences of burns, skin problems, gynecological diseases, postoperative conditions and diseases of the nervous system. Visitors can use a thermal swimming pool with several pools with a water temperature of 28-38 ° C, water attractions, wellness center and other modern services are commonplace.

It is also worth mentioning the spa Ptuj. Ptuj is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. In Roman times, this city used to be a regional center and still retains a magnificent historical appearance.

The local spa is famous for thermal carbonated water with a pleasant temperature of 39-54 ° C, which rises from a depth of 1,050 to 1,590 meters. It has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, the treatment of neurological diseases and the rehabilitation of rheumatic and degenerative diseases. A great attraction is the thermal park, which features 7 outdoor and 6 indoor pools.

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