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How about a theater performance in Peru?
The longest permanently populated city in South America is the city of Cuzco at an altitude of 3400 meters above sea level. and definitely has something to offer to every tourist. A tour of Plaza de Armas must not be missed, as are the local cathedrals, the most important temples and the Qoricancha monastery. It is La Catedral from 1550 on Plaza de Armas that you will be fascinated by it.
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Rainbow eucalyptus forest

From: #flymeto   |   Oct 03, 2018

Iridescent eucalyptus trees do exist. There were no avant-garde artists among the trees, nor a fierce paintball battle. Multicolored trees were created by Mother Nature herself. Without photoshop.

The real name of the rainbow tree is the eucalyptus peeled. The peeling is the whole joke. Upon closer inspection you will find that the wildly colored trunk is plastic, as if patched and full of differently raised layers of thin crust. As the tree grows, exhausted tissue peeles off in long strips and reveals new bark. It glows brightly green. But it won’t last long. Once exposed to the sun and air, it begins to change rapidly.

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The jubilant green darkens, swings to blue, through purple to purple and gaudy pink-orange to brown-black, which is the color of the bark just before exfoliation. This process takes place gradually in many places of the tribe, never at once. As a result, the spots on the trunk are constantly regrouping, the drawing never repeats, and we can speak of “living art”.

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Colorful sheep family

Eucalyptus or eucalyptus is known about 700 species. They are subtropical trees from Australia, where they make up 95% of forests. Rainbow eucalyptus is not the only one to come from, which seems to be an irony of fate given that Australia’s basic mythology revolves around the rainbow and the Rainbow Snake. Holt bad luck. The rainbow eucalyptus, grown in the rainforests of the Philippine island of Mindanao, is the only eucalyptus species capable of growing in the northern hemisphere.

You might not see how it differs from your Australian siblings at first glance - but you will feel it immediately. While most eucalyptus forests smell the unmistakable menthol scent in the sun, the rainbow eucalyptus resembles classical deciduous trees or guavas. Either way, the fact that it has no wood impregnated with essential oils means that it is at least not as flammable.

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It has been extended beyond the Philippines. He is doing well in North America, he has done well in Hawaii. Why is it good? It differs from ordinary eucalyptus not only in its distinctive appearance, but also in its very unique properties. First of all, it grows like water. During a period of vegetative growth, it can pull more than 4 meters per season. You’ve got a 33-meter crumb for him in years. The ancient ancestors of Mindanao still have much to catch up with - in their native land, rainbow giants measure about 70 meters.

Tree that has become colored

Recent research suggests that it is the fastest growing tree ever. Leaving aside bamboo, which is a bit faster, it practically competes in the category of woody grasses. It makes the rainbow eucalyptus a darling of the woodworking industry. Many investors found that at the end of the rainbow, there was indeed a wealth of wealth and decided to grow a “rainbow” * side by side on large plantations. It is made of furniture or somewhat paradoxically - white paper.

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Rainbow eucalyptus goes to the rainbow and the planet. It works like becoming a patch of white space on satellite maps. The areas destroyed by natural disasters will be overgrown as well as bald forests. In addition, it does not suffer from any parasites, it can contend with a wavy, aphid or caterpillar, which bites a few leaves at a time. Eucalyptus has only one weakness - it does not cope with a long winter, when the ground freezes. But it still makes him a super tree, for which the index of amazing features growers like to forgive that outside the country of origin is not so bright colors.

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