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Manila (MNL)

Colorful trees
Rainbow eucalyptus forest
Iridescent eucalyptus trees do exist. There were no avant-garde artists among the trees, nor a fierce paintball battle. Multicolored trees were created by Mother Nature herself. Without photoshop. The real name of the rainbow tree is the eucalyptus peeled. The peeling is the whole joke. Upon closer inspection you will find that the wildly colored trunk is plastic, as if patched and full of differently raised layers of thin crust. As the tree grows, exhausted tissue peeles off in long strips and reveals new bark.
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Places to visit in the Philippines

Clear water, beautiful beaches and divine peace - these are the Philippines. The beaches here look like cut out from the travel catalog. The Philippines is fragmented on seven thousand small islands in the Mediterranean. You can travel between islands by boat or by plane of low cost airlines. The locals are very friendly and constantly smiling.

The nest

It is a small town whose name means “nest”. Located in the north of Palawan Island. You will find clear water and white beaches. The magnificent Bacuit Bay offers you beautiful limestone cliffs. Due to poor transport accessibility, few tourists come here.


In the north of Luzon is the Cordillera Mountains. Two thousand years old rice fields are hiding and most visitors prefer to stay in Banaue. Interesting fields can be found in inaccessible mountain terrain, which can be reached only on your own. Agricultural land has been cultivated by Ifugao people for thousands of years. For example, the locals will be happy to take you to the Tappiyah Waterfall, where you can also swim.

Chocolate mountains

The Chocolate Mountains are located on Bohol Island, covering an area of 50 m2, with sticks of small hills like mole crops. They are eroded and are 30-50 m high. To the south of the chocolate mountains, you will find Rajah Sikatuna National Park, where you can see the smallest primate in the world, the tarsier.

Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island is located in the southern part of the Philippines and you will find eight volcanoes. The highest volcano is named Hibok-Hibok and you can climb it. In two thirds of the island lies a tropical forest, where are hidden waterfalls and springs of rivers. On the White Island beach you will find a strip of white beach.


300 km from Manili lies this beautiful town. You can get there on narrow roads through the Kordiler ridges. So there is only minimal tourism. There is an interesting burial tradition where wooden coffins with the remains of the deceased hang on a rock to bring the soul of the deceased closer to heaven. A place with hanging coffins is in the Echo Valley, a few minutes from the town center.

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