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Pink Lake Hilier in Australia Must See!

Lake Hilier is one of the peculiarities of the world. Why is it pink? Is it the kelp or some bacteria? The lake was discovered in the 19th century by sailor Matthew Flinders.

Strange lake

To this day, scientists have no idea what causes the unusual pink color of this lake. In the fifties, they came up with the theory that it was the Dunaliella salina that caused the red dye to blame. Algae itself is healthy, has antioxidant effects. Over time, this theory was refuted. However, we can say with certainty that it is impossible to drown in this lake. The lake is not too deep, you can go for a walk or lie down in it.


Other points of interest in Australia =====

Australia is indeed a country rich in attractions and unprecedented natural phenomena. One of the attractions for tourists is the magical, several hundred million years old Uluru rock, which is 3.6 meters long, also known as Ayers Rock. You will be attracted by the largest coral system in the world or Sydney.

West Australia is not a much sought-after tourist, but certainly worth a visit. You can see beautiful waterfalls, ravines of Karinji Park or one of the largest diamond mines in the world. Camel hikers at Roebuck Bay and dolphins and whales in Shark Bay can ride.

A unique phenomenon is the Great Barrier Reef, with miles of beaches. You can also visit the largest sandy island of Fraser Island. are already waiting for you. You can look at kangaroos, see a koala bear, platypus or hedgehog with everyone’s eyes. Do you know that kangaroo meat is commonly served in restaurants? You will be thrilled with this sixth largest country on the planet every time you come back here.

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