In Peru, south of Equator, there are three climatic zones: The desert coastline, called la Costa, with a mild climate, cloudy and foggy winters and pleasantly warm summers in summer; Andean zone, la Sierra, more or less cold depending on altitude. The last, large eastern area covered by the Amazon forest, la Selva, with a warm and humid climate all year round.

Bring clothes for spring and autumn to Lima and the coast, so a sweatshirt or sweater and jacket. Go to the Amazon with loose and light clothing, or with long sleeves against mosquitoes and a sweatshirt for the evening; in the southernmost part (Puerto Maldonado) and also in the part of the Amazon, which is located at an altitude above sea level, you can bring a sweater and a jacket in the evening. For the Andes, for example in Cuzco, Arequipa and Lake Titicaca, at an altitude of about 2,500 / 4,000 meters, arm yourself with autumn and spring clothes for the day, but also a sweater, a warm jacket and a hat for the evening. Don’t forget sunscreen and hiking boots. To reach the highest peaks, bring a jacket, scarf, gloves, warm boots.

We can’t find a single time when the whole of Peru offers the best weather. In fact, the best time in the Andean regions and in the Amazon is during the winter in the southern hemisphere (June to August), while along the coast during this period the weather is cold, cloudy and foggy. The best time to find warm and sunny weather along the coast and Lima is from December to April and the best time to swim is from January to March.

Weather in Lima

It basically never rains in the capital - Lima. In winter, from June to September, the sky is almost always cloudy, even if it is not raining, there is fog that can create moisture on the ground. Temperatures are mild, with max around 18/20°C. The minimum values are only a few lower, but due to lack of sunlight and high humidity, the inhabitants of the capital feel cold, also because they often live in unheated houses.


In summer, from December to April, the sun often shines, at least at noon and in the afternoon, especially in February and March, while in the early morning hours fog can still occur. The temperature is pleasantly warm, with maximum temperatures around 26°C from January to March.

In Lime the sea is never very warm, although from January to March it is acceptable for swimming around 22-23°C.

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