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Pack your cats and warm sleeping bag! A Bolivian six thousand is waiting for your climb

If you desire to conquer a snowy massive beauty without expedition and the need to build high camps, then head to Nevado Sajama, which rises to beautiful heights, reaches an impressive 6542 meters above sea level.

In the wilderness between La Paz and Oruro lies the town of Patacamaya, from here daily a minibus goes to the village of Sajama, where under the extinct volcano is a national park of the same name. From here you can also see the white peak where your goal is. The base camp lies at about 4800 meters above sea level.

The way to the summit is long, so go early in the morning, even though the climb is not easy, a beautiful view of the rising sun will be a sweet reward.

Interesting snow formations are called penitents that form in the South American mountains. Take a break to put the cats under the steepest part of the climb to take pictures of the unique sunrise, as two beautiful cones on the Bolivian-Chilean border - Pomerape and Parinacota - come out from the shadow of Sayama.

In addition to the incredible experience of climbing such a high peak, it is worth visiting the already mentioned national park.

There are several thermal pools around Sajama, some of which are open to the public. In the local restaurant, you can enjoy the Alpaca steak, which is a renowned delicacy.

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