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Zurich (ZRH)

Pack your boots and head for Gurten

A beautiful vacation does not have to be just by the sea. Experience the unique atmosphere of pure Bernese nature, beautiful mountain views and interesting historical sights.

Go to the picturesque village of Gürtendorfli with its wooden houses, where you can take a pleasant stroll to the top of Gurten Mountain, where you can enjoy views of the surrounding countryside. You can also relax on the park bench, which makes Gurten interesting. Although it reaches a height of only 864 meters above sea level, you will find many children’s attractions, a theater, a restaurant, and above all an observation tower.

In winter there is even skiing, so you have the opportunity to enjoy great airfare rates at any time.

If you choose a several-day holiday, you will certainly not be bored in the next days. Bern also boasts the astronomical clock Zytglogge, where the figures move every hour. You can also spend your free time in exhibitions in local museums, such as the Rifle Museum, the Swiss Alpine Museum or the Historical Museum.

Definitely do not miss the botanical garden, Einstein’s house and the Cathedral. Vincence. Beautiful souvenirs and good food can be purchased in the historic city center.

Weather permitting, the Swiss metropolis has several swimming pools, which are accessible free of charge. For swimming and water fun, you can use several pools directly below the Parliament building, or built entrances to the clear Aare River, which literally attracts you to cool down on hot summer days.

Do you prefer cycling trips to the Swiss metropolis? Take advantage of the free 4-hour bicycle rental service.

Switzerland is characterized by its cleanliness in cities and nature, their emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, organic products and friendliness you will love right on arrival in this beautiful country and the nice city of Bern.

Enjoy hiking over the sea this year and spend a relaxing holiday. You can buy bargain flights to Bern only with us!

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