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Sydney (SYD)

(Jet) The surf season is here
Have you heard of motorized surfing? Such a motosurf does not need waves, you can ride it at sea as well as on the pond in the village square. In addition, it can drive at speeds of up to 60 km / h. And Czech invented it. JetSurf was actually a byproduct of Moto GP. Martin Šula, the inventor of JetSurf, could not apply his motorcycle racing improvements, but he was not left in the workshop.
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On vacation to Down Under

Visit Sydney, a city famous for its opera house, the lively neighborhood of the City Business District, a vast, rugged sea bay that will give this magnificent city an alluring charm that will appeal to any tourist who is just about to come, even if he has visited here before.

Another landmark of the city, facing the Opera House, is the world-famous The Harbor Bridge. Below it is the oldest part of Sydney, The Rocks. Between these two buildings you will find the most important transport hub of the city, which can be reached by train, bus, car or boat. The bridge pillar has a very beautiful view, the center of Sydney can be seen from the air. The arch of the bridge rises to a height of over 100 m.

As well as a tour of the aforementioned Sydney treasures, do not miss a tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens with colorful flowers and a large greenhouse with tropical fauna. Through this garden you will reach the seat of government with a beautiful French garden.

After this pleasant stroll, head to Chinatown, where you can enjoy a rich lunch and enjoy a day of time in the Chinese garden. In this oasis of tranquility you will create a peaceful atmosphere by listening to bubbling waterfalls and soaking up the scents of flowers.

You cannot leave Sydney without visiting the Maritime Museum, which includes a Vampire war cruiser. All real ship exhibits are regularly visited by small groups of visitors.

If the Maritime Museum does not take you all day, enter the local giant aquarium to explore the flora and fauna of the rivers of South and North Australia. A large part is devoted to the Great Barrier Reef.

You may also be interested in the famous Olympic stadium, swimming pool is also a popular place.

You can spend the end of your holiday on one of the most famous beaches Bondi or Manly.

Wonderful Sydney is rich in places to relax, get to know and take pictures. Take advantage of our unique special offer for flights to the Australian city at great, unbeatable prices!

Do not look for a better holiday destination, book your tickets today and save!

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