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North Berwick and the mysterious Tantallon Castle

Just off North Berwick, you will find the ruins of the medieval Tantallon Castle on a steep cliff facing Bass Rock. The place where it stands attracts every visitor from afar.

Tantallon Castle dates back to 1350 and was founded by Count William Douglas. After the siege of the castle (17th century) by the army of General Monck was extensively damaged, only four meters thick wall was preserved. The castle has been preserved, only the perimeter walls, mysterious cellars and a few rooms. The remaining ruins of Tantallon Castle are open to the public, offering a unique view of the sea and cliffs from the castle, surrounded by endless green meadows and fields. However, tourists come here for a completely different reason - they want to see the spirit!

A walk through the castle will seem somewhat mysterious to you. In 2008, a tourist managed to photograph a mysterious figure of a man who by his appearance reminded the inhabitants of the castle from the past. It is said that the photograph captured the King of Scotland, James V, who was imprisoned here as a child. See for yourself the mystical atmosphere of Tantallon Castle and head to Scotland to experience a little adrenaline!

Near the castle emerges from the North Sea islet Bass Rock, which is home to gannets and other seabirds, no wonder Bass Rock was declared a nature reserve, hiding the monastery ruins, old prison and lighthouse. From North Berwick, you can take a boat trip to see the beautiful nature and views of the sea and the surrounding countryside accompanied by circling birds over the island and their shouting, singing and chattering.

Book now online and plan a pleasant family trip to a mysterious country!

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