For trips to New Zealand, we recommend that you find out in advance what the weather will be like there. They have it a little the other way around than here.

Weather in New Zealand

The weather in New Zealand depends on which island and where the visitor is located. The weather is different on the northern tip of the North Island and different on the south, as both places are about 1,200 km apart. To put it very simply, the weather in the north is similar to that in southern Italy and in the south as in the Austrian Alps, but with a shift of half a year. As the reader surely knows, when summer is, it is cold in New Zealand and vice versa. For travelers, the optimal time to visit New Zealand is from December to March, when summer is there. But watch out for the Christmas season, when there are holidays and a lot of locals are taking holidays. Then it’s full of people everywhere.

Whether the visitor is on the South Island (but further north than the Southern Alps) or in the North, he can expect temperatures between 20 and 28 degrees in the summer during the day.

Inland, the temperature is usually 3 to 7 degrees higher. At night, temperatures in this area are around 15 degrees. When it comes to rain, it rains / snows in the southern mountains and also around Mount Taranaki.

Weather in Auckland

The best months when the weather in Auckland is good are January to May and November and December, when the temperature reaches 16 to 24 degrees. The coldest are June to September, when it is 14 - 16 degrees. C. It rains the most in winter - from May to September and then in December.

What to know next about New Zealand

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