Auckland Airport, the only international airport in Auckalnd, serves as the gateway to New Zealand’s world. It is a combination of international and domestic flights and is home to Air New Zealand and Jetstar. We will get to Auckland and thus to New Zealand from Europe in 25-30 hours.

Before you buy tickets

Before you start buying tickets to New Zealand, it is good to think in advance how much money and time you want to invest in the ticket. If you choose one transfer, the ticket price will climb over USD 2530. With two transfers, it is possible to get to USD 4253. With more transfers or longer transfers, you can get tickets even cheaper.


Best time for departure

From December to March

Optimal time to visit New Zealand

New Zealand

Flights from London to New Zealand from 750 GBP

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Prices of return tickets from 750 GBP

How much does a ticket to New Zealand cost

New Zealand is one of the most distant visited destinations. However, this depends on the price. There is no direct connection from London to New Zealand. The fastest way to get to Zealand is with one transfer with an approximate flight time of 24 hours. Of course, how many transfers, how long will be displayed on the total ticket price. On average, a ticket to New Zealand costs around USD 2300 per person with a return trip, but they can also be obtained cheaper.

Ticket prices to New Zealand

The graph describes the minimum prices of tickets found to New Zealand and their increase by weeks. Additional data on the graph show average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. Click on the individual columns in the graph to get more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Auckland, EUR

Ticket prices Manchester to New Zealand

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Auckland, EUR

When to Buy a Ticket to New Zealand

We must not forget that in New Zealand everything is the other way around. Not only driving on the other side of the road, but also the weather. When it is cold in other countries, it may be summer in Zealand. For standard prices, you can fly in the autumn or winter with us. The ideal time for departure is from November to February.

The most expensive tickets are, of course, over Christmas and New Year and, of course, over the summer holidays in July and August. Tickets for New Zealand need to be bought well in advance. It can be purchased up to a year in advance, but the suitable time is 4-6 months before departure.

Best day for departure to New Zealand

The best day to go to New Zealand is your day. Due to the length of the flight and the distance, the prices per week are the same or different from departures on weekdays.

The best time to depart is in January.

FAQ for buying tickets to New Zealand

Here are some common questions and answers about New Zealand tickets. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us either via online chat or via email

What airlines fly to New Zealand?

Due to the great distance of New Zealand from us, we have several options with whom to fly to New Zealand. The most common airlines include Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, Korean Air, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and others. Domestic companies include Jetstar and Air New Zealand. It all depends on the price of the ticket and with which airlines you will fly and how many transfers you will choose.

How long does it take to fly to New Zealand?

Travel time to New Zealand depends mainly on the number and length of transfers. The fastest (and usually most expensive) from Auckland to New York connection via Hongkong takes from 29 hours, the journey with two transfers takes approximately 40 hours. If you fly from London, it will take 24 hours with one stop at Dubai.

Where to buy tickets to New Zealand?

You can easily search for flights to New Zealand on our search engine. Our watchdog will help you monitor the best prices, which can be set according to your own required preferences. If you are unsure about the purchase and search, you can always contact our customer service via online chat or email.

You can buy flight tickets from London to New Zealand with us.

Why to buy a ticket from us?

Because we try to offer you the cheapest possible tickets and if you have any problems or questions, you can always find us in the online chat or contact us by email.

  1. Strong customer service.

  2. We can take care of you during the trip.

  3. Guarantee of the cheapest purchase.

What to do after landing in New Zealand

Before landing, passengers must fill out a form stating, among other things, what items they are bringing with them. It is important not to forget anything and to declare everything truthfully. Otherwise there is a risk of a large fine. This applies in particular to food. It is generally forbidden to bring meat, plants and their seeds, fruits and vegetables.

After landing and check-in, the passenger, who states that he is carrying food (everyone has some), goes to the bio-check, where he is interviewed by an official. It is not a village or fun, the inspectors are tasked with ensuring that no disease or other invasive plant or animal is introduced to the islands. Therefore, it is good to prepare well for the interview and clearly specify in the communication - of course in English - what kind of food the passenger carries. It is also good to buy a pre-paid SIM card for your mobile phone right at the airport. The buyer can immediately call and use the data, which is enough for all companies. Spark and then Vodafone have the best coverage.

Why New Zealand

Because it’s nice there! There are good and helpful people, beautiful landscape and it is good. It breathes well there - the air is clean, fresh and moist. And it is relatively the cheapest of the English-speaking countries.

Popular flight combinations to New Zealand

Departures from London

Departures from Edinburgh

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