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New York (NYC)

New York by Bike

When you go to New York, few of us are thinking of enjoying it from the saddle. In Amsterdam it’s a common means of transport, but do you dare to New York? Cycloboom broke out relatively recently, but compared to Paris, Berlin or London, this American metropolis has one significant advantage. And these are the streets like a ruler. In New York, a regular street network combined with street and aviation numbering is an almost perfect navigation system, making city navigation easy. And even though the city has a dense subway network, you will see much more by bike.

Around the world in minutes

The trails for cyclists grow here like mushrooms after rain. From the southern end of Manhattan to the north, it takes 45 minutes to get on the first avenue on the straight without thinking when and where to turn. Drive through Chinatown, East Village, Midtown and Upper East Side until you reach Harlem. And definitely continue to Belmont, which is considered to be the Little Italy and where you will find a repair of an authentic Italian restaurant. In the opposite direction, from north to south, you can drive along the west side of Manhattan on a cycle path with stunning views of New Jersey and the Hudson River, which largely runs through green parks.

Crossing Manhattan in width takes about 20 minutes and you can reach Brooklyn or Queens. Take the longest Brooklyn Avenue - Bedford Avenue - from the famous Coney Island to Williamsburg - the epicenter of hipsters and the seat of a large Jewish community. By bike you can discover the cultural and national diversity of the city. Drive through BedfordAvenue in Russian, Hispanic, African-American or Polish neighborhoods.

True America just around the corner

The best way to discover true America is by bike, because it is a great way to discover less known parts of the city. New York is not only a neighborhood of Manhattan, but also neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Queens. And you may not believe it, but Queens was voted No. 1 to visit the United States in 2015 by the Lonely Planet. You will soak up the feeling of authenticity, which has disappeared or disappeared to the tourist parts. Local cafés, bistros and restaurants serving food from around the world can be visited. Microbreweries have been a big hit lately, and you can even go to the beach where you can stretch out and enjoy some of the New York sun. If you miss home, visit the Czech pubs Koliba and Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. Who is against the hair cycling in the city, and still wants to ride, so he should go on bike paths in Cental Park or Brooklyn Prospect Park.

And how to do it

In New York, there is a shared bicycle system, known from European capitals. A cyclist pays a lump sum of $ 12 and can borrow a bicycle repeatedly for 24 hours. If the bike returns within 30 minutes, no further fees apply. Bicycle racks are in and around Manhattan. This option is therefore worthwhile for moving between attractions. If you want to ride a bike all day, it pays to rent (try to find discount coupons on the Internet, for example, at or Spinlister, where the rental of bikes and other sports equipment themselves owners who do not use them. And if you like planning ahead, plan your New York route at

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