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New York- by bike from Manhattan to Queens

From: #flymeto   |   Sep 24, 2018

While New York mostly predicts trends, urban cyclists tend to be inspired by their European counterparts. Cycloboom broke out only relatively recently, but compared to Berlin, Paris or London, this American metropolis has one significant advantage, namely the streets as the ruler. If a cyclist in Europe does not know the city as a local, he is lost after a while. In New York, a regular street network combined with street and avenues numbering is an almost perfect navigation system. The city has a dense subway network, but you will see much more from the bike saddle.

From China to Italy in 45 minutes

Bicycle paths grow like mushrooms after the rain, so on 1st Avenue you can ride from the southern end of Manhattan to the north. It takes approximately 45 minutes on the straight without thinking when and where to turn, and drive through Chinatown, East Village, Midtown and Upper East Side, until you reach Harlem. Even here the journey does not have to end, you can continue across the bridge for half an hour drive to the Bronx to Belmont, which is incidentally considered the right Little Italy and where you will find the repair of an authentic Italian restaurant. In the opposite direction, from north to south, you can drive along the west side of Manhattan on a bike path overlooking New Jersey and the Hudson River, which largely runs through the parks.

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Crossing Manhattan in width takes about 20 minutes and you can reach Brooklyn or Queens. Take the longest Brooklyn Avenue - Bedford Avenue - from the famous Coney Island to Williamsburg - the epicenter of hipsters and the seat of a large Jewish community. By bike you can discover the cultural and national diversity of the city. Drive through BedfordAvenue in Russian, Hispanic, African-American or Polish neighborhoods.

When you're in downtown New York, you may find Peter's tips on how to go to the museum or gallery for free every day. Find them in New York: a free museum tip every day of the week .

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True America just around the corner

The bike is also a great way to discover the lesser-known parts of the city. Most tourists outside of Manhattan do not look at all or just to Brooklyn. But believe that part of Queens was voted Lonely Planet No. 1 to visit the US in 2015. This neighborhood is currently absorbing the movement of an independent scene for which Manhattan and now Brooklyn are becoming inaccessible. According to the Lonely Planet in Queens you will experience a feeling of authenticity that is missing from the more touristy parts of the city. You can visit local cafes, bistros and restaurants of all conceivable cuisines. Microbreweries have been a big hit lately and you can even go to the beach.

If you miss home, visit the Czech pubs Koliba and Bohemian Hall Beer Garden. Who is free of hair cycling in the city and still wants to ride, can use the bike paths in Cental Park or Brooklyn Prospect Park.

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In New York, there is a shared bicycle system, known from European capitals. A cyclist pays a lump sum of $ 12 and can borrow a bicycle repeatedly for 24 hours. If the bike returns within 30 minutes, no further fees apply. Bicycle racks are in and around Manhattan. This option is therefore worthwhile for moving between attractions. If you want to ride a bike all day, it pays to rent (try to find discount coupons on the Internet, for example, at or Spinlister, where the rental of bikes and other sports equipment themselves owners who do not use them.

For the best routes in New York, visit .

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