The climate in the Netherlands is completely seaside, with a light sea breeze blowing in every season. Especially in summer, the breeze is very pleasant. The climate here is very influenced by the sea, which changes temperature very slowly. If the sea is warm in summer, it does not have time to cool down in winter, which means that warmer air reaches the land. Conversely, the sea slowly warms up and brings a light wind to the land. Their weather is similar to ours, only less rain.

Due to the presence of the sea, there is higher humidity. The Netherlands is not a sought-after area for summer holidays by the sea on the beach. Although there are beaches on the open sea, the water is colder. In the winter months, the air temperature does not fall below freezing. Each season is suitable for a visit to the Netherlands.

Weather in Amsterdam

The climate in Amsterdam is almost the same as in the whole of the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that the Netherlands is called the Land of Windmills. The weather is very changeable here and the wind blows here almost all year round.


When to fly to Holland

The best time to fly to the Netherlands is April to September. The winter months can also be a good time when we can also meet with a very pleasant time. It is worth flying to the Netherlands almost every day of the year.

Cheapest flights from Prague to Amsterdam

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So you can see which date is best for your trip to Amsterdam due to the weather development in the destination and given the current ticket price.

Cheapest flights from Vienna to Amsterdam

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What to know next about the Netherlands

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