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Neglected Madrid

From: #flymeto   |   Mar 04, 2018

Due to the absence of the sea, the captivating and modern Madrid is often neglected. It is the capital of Spain and is also its largest city. The cosmopolitan city, home to the richest people in Spain, offers the perfect atmosphere, a wide range of shopping, perfect food, exceptional architecture and an artistic golden triangle.


The Golden Triangle represents the Prado Museum and Gallery, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Reina Sofia Museum. Each of them is within walking distance. Prado is a wonderful museum where you can find some of the most famous arts of Spain, such as Menlazas of Velazquez, clothing and nude Maji of Goji, portraits of El Greco. The Thyssen Museum is a space depicting the history of art from the 12th century to the modern era, while Reina Sofia focuses on modern art and includes Picasso’s Guernico painting. Smaller exhibitions of local artists can be found in the streets while walking through the city.


Madrid attracts wide-ranging green streets, huge circular squares and dazzling Renaissance-style buildings. Be sure to head to Plaza Mayor, Spain’s most beautiful square, which will captivate you with its perfect symmetry. Fantastic modern buildings await you in Gran Via, and the green streets like Paseo de la Castellana and Paseo del Prado are also worth seeing. The Puera de Alcala Monument used to be the entrance to the city and is now an important monument.


Whether you are a meat lover or a sworn vegetarian, Spanish cuisine is sure to win you over. As in other countries, food varies by region, in Madrid you can expect very varied and distinctive food, but it is quite difficult to digest.

There are hundreds of great restaurants in Madrid, but you can also visit the oldest restaurant in the world. Botin Restaurant was founded in 1725 and is known for preparing a roast piglet called cochinillo. It is flavored with thyme, bay leaves, garlic and smeared with olive oil. It is then baked in a classic wood oven.


Madrid offers over 40 parks covering approximately 33 square kilometers. The most important park is definitely El Retiro Park, which is a habitat of street artists and is used by locals for sports and picnics. In the middle of the park is a lake called El Estanque, where you can rent a small boat.

It is also worth mentioning Casa de Campo, which offers beautiful views of the entire city and is home to the city zoo, amusement park and cable car. For Egyptologists, there is the Parque del Oeste, where you will find an Egyptian temple.


Madrid is famous for its nightlife. Bars and clubs remain open until late in the morning. The best thing about Madrid is to meet the expectations of all different groups. You can visit luxury dance clubs, cocktail bars, but also wine bars and tea rooms.


Whether you support Atlético de Madrid or Real Madrid, Madrid is a must stop for any football fan. If you are lucky enough to experience a match at one of the stadiums, you will experience a match with a spectacular and unforgettable atmosphere.


Although most European cities have succumbed to the construction of large multinational chains, Madrid has managed to maintain many family businesses that have been selling and producing the same product for many years. You can get original products that you don’t buy anywhere else in the world.

If you’re accustomed to shopping under one roof, head for the subway to the northern part of the city, where the La Vaguada shopping gallery, which offers over 350 stores, awaits you.

If you are lucky and have time on Sunday morning, visit the Flea Market (El Rastro) in Ribera de Curtidores. As is usual in the markets, you can soak up the right atmosphere and get to know the behavior of the locals.


Madrid is one of the sunniest cities in Europe. Expect temperatures up to around 40 ° C in summer and around 15 ° C in winter, and in any case, expect a blue sky and sunshine that will lift up all your photos taken during your trip.


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