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Cape Town (CPT)

Namaqualand is a beautiful blooming desert

In late August and early September, it is an ideal time for a trip to South Africa in order to see the beautiful blooming desert. Namaqualand, as if by magic, turns from arid wasteland to blooming meadow.

Namaqualand is an almost unknown country

Until recently, especially the Czechs had no idea of the existence of this breathtaking and diverse flower-rich country. It is best to go here in early September, when it is not so hot here.

In addition to Namaqualand National Park, you can also look around Kamieskroon and Springbok, where you will find small meadows that also play in all colors. You can also visit Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope or the famous Garden Route. In Namaqualand you can make picnics and hike, where you can photograph many species of flora, but also meet small animals.

What is Namaqualand

It is an arid semi-desert region which, thanks to its area, would occupy more than 50% of the Czech Republic. It is divided into the sandy area Sandveld, Hardeveld Hills and Little Bush plain.

The flower route is about a five-hour drive from Cape Town, but also closer to the city is the blooming semi-desert - the Posberg Nature Reserve. It is a private reservation in which you must respect very strict rules. There is a 14 km long tour.

If you have time, head to Port Nolloth and beyond, the very heart of Namaqualand. There is the Skilpad Wildflower Reserve, where there are colorful flowers of sharp colors and mountain biking, a place made for long treks.

Do not leave your visit to Namaqualand by chance and plan your trip perfectly to get through everything. You need to spend at least three days in this beautiful nature.

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