Morocco is typical for its abundance of cultures of Berber, Arab and European influences. It is appropriate that Morocco is located on the northwestern tip of Africa, just a few kilometers from Spain and Europe.

Before you buy tickets

Sightseeing tour

Do you want to get to know cities, culture and history? Then go best in spring or autumn.


You have to find a brilliant beach in any part of the Moroccan coast

Do Maroka

Lety z Prahy do Maroka od 2 500 Kč

Do Casablancy

V průměru z Prahy kolem 2,5tis. Kč, z Vídně nebo Norimberka je letenka za cenu 1,5tis. Kč.

How much does a ticket to Morocco cost

On average from Prague around CZK 2,500, from Vienna or Nuremberg there is a ticket for CZK 1,500.

When to buy a ticket to Morocco

It is best to buy tickets 2-3 months before the scheduled departure.

Best day for departure to Morocco

In Morocco, one day you can sunbathe on the beach, the next day freeze on the highest mountain in the Atlas and the third day bathe in your own sweat in the desert. What do you prefer? Do you want to get to know cities, culture and history? Then it is best to set off in spring or autumn.

FAQ for buying tickets to Morocco

Jaké letecké společnosti létají do Maroka?

Airlines that fly to Morocco:

  • z Prahy: Marrakech (Ryanair) (Air Arabia)
  • from Vienna: Marrakesh (Lauda, Air Arabia) and Agadir (Lauda),
  • z Kraków: Marrakech (Ryanair),
  • z Norimberka: Marrakech (Ryanair).

Jak dlouho trvá let do Maroka?

The direct flight time from Prague to Morocco takes about 4.5 hours.

Kde koupit letenky do Maroka?

Ideally through an online travel agency. You do not have to worry about anything and if necessary, the office will solve everything for you after advice, tips for trips, reservations, purchase of tickets to the possible refund of tickets.

Proč koupit letenku u nás?

We are the best seller of the most advantageous tickets and accommodation. Just enter the continent, country, region, city into the search engine and the comparator will generate all available airports and hotels in the destination. What should you think before you buy tickets to Morocco? We will advise you.

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What to do after landing in Morocco

Citizens of the Czech Republic do not need a visa to Morocco if the stay does not exceed 90 days. After landing in Morocco, you just have to fill out a form with identification data. Information on where you will be staying in Morocco is also required. Therefore, have the address of the accommodation facility ready at hand.


If you prefer to stay on site, book a hotel for at least the first night of your stay.

Current ticket prices for Morocco, try clicking on the link in the ticket office on [flights from Prague to Morocco to all available airports](/ en / flights / Prague / Morocco) or [flights from Vienna to Morocco to all available airports](/ en / flights / Vienna / Morocco).

What to know next about Morocco

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