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Aircraft luggage - weight and dimensions
Ideal luggage according to individual airlines As is well known, luggage also has ears. Airlines can pull them out properly if they do not meet the given parameters. What are they like? Each airline has its own luggage meter. With all that searching and verifying it, many travelers have an equal desire to wrap it up. That would be a shame, of course. That is why we have prepared a clear table for you, in which you can easily find out what to pack in, depending on who you are flying to and where.
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Morocco – the most beautiful sunsets

From: #flymeto   |   Jul 22, 2019

Country whose northernmost point lies so close to Europe that it shows the continent’s mainland. Morocco is a world full of colors, narcotic oriental fragrances, warm sunshine and home to large sand dunes that stretch through the Sahara. On the other hand, you can also see beautiful green valleys and forests .


Under these terms, most of us imagine a hostile environment where poisonous snakes, scorpions and unimaginable heat shear at you every step of the way. But even this harsh environment has its charm. Sahara is an endless and stunning world that breathes a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Beautiful oases, the murmur of the wind and the sand dunes of a man taking a look at the desert with another lens. Especially at sunset over the horizon from some of the sand dunes realizes its beauty. Sahara is a place that you must not miss on your way to Morocco.

Sea and beach

When temperatures climb to dizzying numbers and the sun is shining beyond your head, head to one of Morocco’s beaches. Agadir or Saidia offer sandy beaches with a quieter sea. If you like surfing, head to Taghazout to enjoy the wild sea to the full.

Blue city of Chefchaouen

An unusual experience is a visit to the blue town, which is unique in Morocco. In addition to the walls of the houses, sidewalks and stairs are also painted in blue. It is said that its coloring is a remnant of the original Jewish inhabitants, who connected the blue to heaven. Another view is that it is mosquito prevention. Either way, this small town in the northern part of Morocco, among the peaks of the Rif Mountains, is worth a visit.

Architecture like a fairy tale

Unconventional building elements enchant at first glance. Master builders abound in incredible skills and attention to detail. See the clay houses in Marrakesh, the giant marble palaces in Rabat Heaven Fesu, or the Stunning Mosque of Hassan II. in Casablanle with its 210 m high minaret is a wonderful experience. It’s like you’re in a fairy tale.

The smell of the Orient

The atmosphere and, above all, the smell that floats in the air when visiting one of the local markets, will undoubtedly convince you that this is the gateway to the Orient. You can buy spices of different colors and flavors, teas from different herbs, fresh fish, olive oil and much more. Negotiating price is almost an obligation here.

Taste Morocco

Traditional Moroccan food is called swamp. In a clay pot the vegetables and meat are stewed for several hours, which is perfectly complemented by a mixture of fragrant spices. There are different varieties of this goodness, such as fish, vegetarian, with nuts, figs … As a side dish, pastry or couscous is served. Popular dishes include sweetly salty crispy Pastilla buns and a dip of baked eggplant Zaalouk. If you only need something lighter during the day, taste the thick juices that will feed you great.

Morocco is a country that you should include in your list of holiday destinations. It offers many possibilities to enjoy a great holiday with an oriental touch. And thanks to low-cost airlines it is closer than it would seem.

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