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First of all, it is important to find out how much luggage weight you are allowed on an aircraft. In Europe it is usually 20 kg and 10 kg handbag, which you can take with you, for long-haul flights, each airline has different transport conditions. Try using your bike as a sporting item and ask your specific airline to increase the weight limit without increasing the ticket price. Try to hand the bike as a normal baggage or excess baggage and fit into the weight limits for a free ticket.
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Morocco - the most beautiful sunsets

A country whose northernmost tip is so close to Europe that it shows the mainland of our continent. Morocco is a world full of colors, intoxicating oriental scents, warm sun and also home to the large sand dunes that stretch through the Sahara. On the other hand, you can also see beautiful green valleys and forests. When the temperatures climb to dizzying numbers and the sun shines overhead, head to one of the beaches of Morocco. Agadir or Saidia offer sandy beaches with calm sea. If you like surfing, head to Taghazout, where you can enjoy the wild sea to the fullest.

The atmosphere and especially the smell that floats in the air when visiting one of the local markets will undoubtedly convince you that this is the gateway to the Orient. Here you can buy spices of different colors and flavors, teas from different herbs, fresh fish, olive oil and much more. Negotiating a price is almost an obligation here.

An unusual experience is a visit to the blue town, which is unique in Morocco. In addition to the walls of houses, sidewalks and stairs are also painted blue. It is said that its coloration is a remnant of the original Jewish inhabitants who associated blue with the sky. Another view is that it is mosquito prevention. Be that as it may, this small town in the north of Morocco, among the peaks of the Rif Mountains, is worth a visit.

Marrakech - Go on vacation with us

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Flymeto - Morocco - the most beautiful sunsets
Flymeto - Morocco - the most beautiful sunsets
Flymeto - Morocco - the most beautiful sunsets
Flymeto - Morocco - the most beautiful sunsets
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Beautiful accommodation in Marrakech.


Under this term, most of us imagine an inhospitable environment, where poisonous snakes, scorpions and unimaginable heat lurk at every step. But even this harsh environment has its charm. The Sahara is an endless and stunning world that exudes a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Beautiful oases, the murmur of the wind and sand dunes force one to look at the desert from a different perspective. Especially at sunset beyond the horizon of one of the sand dunes you will realize its beauty. The Sahara is a place you must not miss on your way to Morocco.

Architecture like from a fairy tale

Unconventional building elements enchant at first sight. Master builders are full of incredible skills and attention to detail. See mud houses in Marrakesh, giant marble palaces in Rabat or Fes, or the breathtaking Mosque of Hassan II. in Casablanca with a minaret 210 meters high is a wonderful experience. It’s like you’re moving into a fairy tale.

Taste Morocco

Traditional Moroccan food is called tažin. In a clay pot, vegetables and meat are stewed for several hours, which is perfectly complemented by a mixture of fragrant spices. There are different variations of this goodness, eg with fish, vegetarian, with nuts, figs. Pastries or couscous are served as a side dish. Popular dishes include sweet and salty crispy Pastilla buns or baked aubergine dip Zaalouk. If you only need something lighter during the day, taste the thick juices, which will satisfy you perfectly.

Morocco is a country you should include in your list of holiday destinations. It offers many opportunities to enjoy a great holiday with an oriental touch. And thanks to low-cost airlines, it is closer than it seems.

Frequently asked questions about holidays in Morocco

Where to buy flights to Morocco?

You can find the best flights from Prague with change in our online search engine.

You can buy flight tickets from London to Morocco with us.

How long does the flight to Morocco take?

Flight time from Prague to Morocco=6.5 hours, it is a connecting line. Distance from Prague=3481.2 km.

Are there any travel restrictions in Morocco?

From June 15, 2021, special international flights are in operation. From this date, all passengers from countries on list A (which also includes the Czech Republic) will be allowed to enter the territory of Morocco under the conditions of submitting a negative PCR test not older than 48 hours, or confirmation of complete vaccination (at least 2 weeks from the second dose). Children under the age of 10 are not required to submit a test when entering Moroccan territory. When entering the territory of Morocco, it is necessary to fill in the registration form.

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