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World cross-country races worth taking part! II.
Marathon Rapa Nui - Easter Island, Polynesia, Pacific Ocean (5.6.2016) The island of volcanic origin named Rapa Nui is the most remote inhabited island in the world. The length of the island is only 24 km, but if you want to try something really unusual and unforgettable, Maraton Rapa Nui is definitely the right thing. Registrations are running and there are still vacancies. Do not hesitate, buy tickets for great prices today and save!
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A few tips on how to avoid meeting a bear

From: #flymeto   |   Nov 14, 2015

Every day we update you with a diverse range of tips on where to go on holiday or exploring, for example, in countries where nature is low for tourists, bears may be the most dangerous of big carnivores, try to avoid meeting early and save yourself unpleasant moment.

First of all, it is important to stick to hiking trails if possible. If you walk through confusing terrain, talk or sing, or hear a variety of unnatural sounds, such as the tinkling of metal objects, so that bears know about you in time and have the opportunity to avoid you.

When moving through the terrain, be aware mainly in the morning, evening and night, when the bears are most active, also during the day in dense vegetation where they can rest, and near the sources of their food (berries, etc.). Let them know when you are coming, speak your voice, break a stick thrown on the ground or tap on tree trunks.

Do not enter nature reserves and rest areas, respect a bear home.

Do not leave any food left in the countryside or near the campsite.

However, if you happen to become face to face with a bear, keep in mind that you do not belong to their diet. Never look directly at the bear’s eyes, slowly turn away and pretend not to see the bear, speak in a calm voice, unobtrusively observe the bear’s behavior, and slowly move away. Never run!

If the bear is watching you, drop a piece of clothing or any other object that may attract its attention.

Under no circumstances should you try to scare away the bear, do not keep your hands over your head.

When the bear stands on its back, it does not mean any threatening or offensive gesture, the bears have poor eyesight, and in this position have a better view and wind to identify smell well with whom he met. So it is necessary to keep calm, to slowly leave the meeting place and possibly speak in a deep calm voice so that the bear knows that it is human. Mostly the bear runs away immediately.

If you think of a bear, do not try to run, kneel on the ground, pack into a ball, protect your neck with your hands, put your elbows to your knees. This protects your vital organs. Do not move and leave until the bear has gone completely. Bear often pretends to attack, and if you do not actively defend, it will lose interest in you.

The attack can also be prevented by the correct use of the spray spray.

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