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Mediterranean Perfume - Beyond the Thermals to Italy, Ischia

An island full of fragrances and flowers, fertile vineyards, ancient towns, beautiful beaches, warm sunshine and miraculous thermal springs.

Does your body need total regeneration? On Ischia, you can choose from several thermal spas and treat your body with the best care.

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is a small island but richly populated and sought after by tourists from all over the world. It is famous mainly for its thermal and medicinal spas due to its volcanic origin.

Usually it is a combination of the so-called Roman sauna, various pools with thermal water and swimming pools with sea water or sandy beaches, rich subtropical greenery and interesting architecture. Among the most popular are eg Negombo Thermal Park and Castiglione Thermal Park.

Immerse yourself in a mud bath, using mud wraps as a basis for volcanic clay that has been aged for 8 months in mineral water tanks before use. It is rich in mineral salts, applied hot.

If you have had enough rest in the thermal springs, head to Ischia Ponte for a unique Aragonese castle on a peninsula, connected to the capital Ischia Ponte by a stone bridge, which is visible even from a distance.

In the vicinity of the castle is also worth visiting the Cathedral. Assunty from the 14th century, the Cemetery of the Poor Clares and Imaccolata church, prison and above all beautiful views of the beautiful panorama of Ischia.

You can end the day with a pleasant stroll in the Serrana Fontana at the foot of Monte Epomeo at 452 meters above sea level. The tip of the island of Sant’Angelo, with its small harbor, is also nearby. Punta Sant’Angelo is connected to the island by a 100 m long sandy beach. At the top of the promontory are the ruins of the tower, which was destroyed in the 19th century. during the siege of the island by the English.

Ischia also offers quality restaurants with excellent cuisine.

Spend a wonderful holiday in the framework of your curative stay, air tickets only with us at unbeatable prices.

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