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Madeira (FNC)

Madeira - a popular summer destination

Madeira is a very popular destination especially during the summer months. Winters here are very mild, rather reminiscent of our spring. Summers are warm, but do not expect extreme heat here. With pleasant temperatures and light breeze, Madeira is a popular holiday destination for tourists.

Madeira Island is recommended not only for those who hate summer heat, but also for active sportsmen, tourism lovers. It is not only necessary to roll on the beach. You can go hiking, for example, visit the Nun Valley or explore the capital Funchal, which is full of interesting winding streets and flowers. A big attraction on the island are the sledges of babosas.

In the past, the island was visited by personalities such as Empress Sissy and W. Churchill. Today, large ships are moored here. You will be tempted to walk through the night Avenida Arriaga. There are many shops and wine shops where you can taste a glass of good wine.

Funchal is located on the south coast of Madeira. There is the most favorable climate on the whole island. Rain clouds here capture mountains from the north. One of the few beaches that has easy access to the sea is Formosa. Water to the city is tied with levades, which are surface canals. Currently there are about 5000 km in Madeira.

The capital Funchal is the main tourist center of the island, near the small resort Canico de Baixo. There are large villas and luxury hotels with perfect ocean views. North of Funchal lies the Valley of the Nuns, which you can visit with a guide.

One of the island’s symbols is Madeira dessert wine. It is heated in special heated buildings called etufas. Subsequently, the wine is still alcoholized and a year and a half after heating and cooling it is stored in oak barrels for aging. The minimum aging period for this wine is three years. Set out for a romantic holiday in Madeira. it will allow you to.

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