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Luxury trip to Monaco

Monaco, by its name, the Principality of Monaco is a state located on the Mediterranean coast of the French Revolution. There is no agricultural production, the locals have food imported, and this is also reflected in prices. They do not even have their own army, but only the police and the guard. Here you will find houses decorated with greenery on the roofs.

In the second half of the 19th century the railway was imported from France. In towns there is a bus service but also a port of Monaco, which has achieved a lot of modifications, such as two new piers for mooring boats with a large draft.When you walk around the city you can notice the luxury compared to most cities. world athletes, politicians and many celebrities.

Monaco is a constitutional monarchy. The best known ruler was Rainer III. It is a public holiday on November 19 and is full of stormy celebrations, fireworks, good food and drinks.

In Monaco you can find modern or historic architecture, famous casinos and museums

You can visit many views from exotic gardens such as Princess Grace Rose Garden or Monte Carlo with the famous Grand Casino.

You can also visit: Grace of the Princess Grace, Grimaldi Forum, Statue of Prince Rainier III, Oceanographic Museum or Cathedral.

In May you can go to the Formula 1 race, which is very prestigious. Many motorsport fans gather here as well as many famous personalities.

Monaco is linked to France by a customs, economic and monetary union. Monaco cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean and French cuisine. You will find the finest delicacies such as fine French wine, sachets filled with a mix of vegetables, mushrooms and flavored barbagiunan truffles. Book and embark on a luxury trip to Monaco.

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