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Vilnius (VNO)

Lithuania, cyclists' paradise

Lithuania, although not a very popular tourist destination, offers many beauties. In addition, it is interwoven with a number of cycle paths and is a paradise for cyclists. You can ride bikes in beautiful national parks in beautiful nature.

Lithuania offers several sights worth visiting. The most famous is the island castle Trakai, Mount of Crosses, Baltic sahara.

Lithuanians with mentality are very similar to Czechs, so you can feel at home in a moment. There are 3, 4 million inhabitants, which is less than in the Czech Republic. However, it is the largest Baltic Republic. It lies near the Baltic Sea, which is relatively cold. The entire coast is covered by a sandy beach. The highest peak is Aukštojas hill reaching 293.84 m asl. The longest river is Nemunas, which springs in Belarus and flows across Lithuania.

The capital Vilnius lies at the confluence of the rivers Vilnias and Neris. More than 40 churches have been preserved here, they are among the monuments of Unesco. In the old part of town you will find rows of streets, smaller and larger squares, yards and parks. An important point is the Cathedral Square with its cathedral and belfry. On the hill rises Gediminasův castle. On the opposite hill you will see three crosses that resemble pagan times. Worth a visit is the church. Anny. Nearby is also a university, a Jewish ghetto or President, where the president is located.

You don’t just have to visit the sights. Lithuania is also a place of national parks and natural monuments.

In the east of the area are endless forests, thousands of lakes and a peculiar lake labyrinth. The lakes are connected by artificial channels. On the banks are small villages where the older staff grow potatoes. However, only a few people live here.

By air you can reach Vilnius from Prague where it flies. You can stay in top hotels, camps and hostels and cheap hotels. Advantageous and interesting is accommodation on farms. As a souvenir, bring amber, which is mined here.

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