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Lapland- Why do you enjoy it most in the winter?

From: #flymeto   |   Apr 04, 2019

Finnish Lapland is as close as possible to reality. The landscape of contrasts, where twenty-four hours of light alternate with days of total darkness in summer, occupies about a third of Finland’s territory and a third of the Scandinavian Peninsula. A few minutes is enough and suddenly you will find yourself in a lonely wilderness from a busy town or ski resort.

The snow on it lies approximately from November to May, when the snow finally melts. But before this happens, Lapland is a place that will warm your heart even at an ambient temperature of around -20 ° C.

Just in winter, you will enjoy his best holiday activities - skiing, snowshoeing or scooter tours across the region, sauna and subsequent swimming in icy water, sleeping in an igloo and watching the Northern Lights. What you prefer is up to you. Three things, but you should do it in Lapland.

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Breaking the ice

The thunderous sound of 3,500 tons of steel crushing an ice crust leaves no one cold. Since the early 1960s, the Sampo icebreaker has made its way to Finnish merchant ships across the Gulf of Bothnia. After 25 years he was supposed to retire, but he continues to carry tourists and his commercial cruises have long exceeded his original tenure. A ride on it is an experience. The guide will guide you through the bowels of the ship, including the engine room and the captain’s bridge, the icy wind will whip your cheeks, and the icebergs will break just a few meters below your feet.

Flymeto - Lapland- Why do you enjoy it most in the winter?

Flymeto - Lapland- Why do you enjoy it most in the winter?

Flymeto - Lapland- Why do you enjoy it most in the winter?

Flymeto - Lapland- Why do you enjoy it most in the winter? |

But the best is yet to come when the entry ramp hits the ice floe and you in the rescue neoprene hupsnete into the icy water. No stress, water is never colder than 0 ° C, otherwise it would freeze, and in protective neoprene you will float on the surface in relative (by Finnish standards) warm.

A bus from Kemi or Rovaniemi will take you to the anchorage point.

Harness reindeer

Car races may be exciting. But when it comes to the population of Lapland, descendants of nomadic Sami, the horses under the bonnet do not match the reindeer harnessed to the suction. It is not clear what you would have to do here in order not to meet a single reindeer. They graze almost everywhere, along roads and ski slopes. You can even find them on the menu in the restaurant, where you can order a reindeer burger.

However, reindeer farms are a place where you can meet half-domesticated and half-wild reindeer directly. Get in the suction and ride like Santa. (By the way, according to the Finns, the real and only Santa Claus lives in Lapland. His office is in the town of Rovaniemi.) Or try skiing with a reindeer sled if you have a little adventurous spirit.

For example, head to Jaakkola Reindeer Farm .

Howling with husky wolves

The Huskys are beautiful, persistent, and a creature for the snow conditions of the Arctic Arctic Circle. In Lapland you will find farms where they are kept from a few dogs to hundreds of individuals. All ready to go on a trip. Chasing a dog team is not a rocket science, they love joking locals. Basically, you just have to drive and brake. An experienced guide will select the pack that best fits you and receives you. If you don’t dare to drive yourself, you can simply get a ride.

About 200 dogs have to be on the Atlantic Husky Farm .

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