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Krakow (KRK)

Kraków with a visit to Auschwitz

Do not delay visiting this uniquely beautiful Polish city. Take a walk through Kraków, each nook is special in its atmosphere. Walk through the Old Town, from the north you enter through the city gate Barbican, from the south you can reach it from the Royal Castle Wawel. The historic center you will love to remember, is lined with Planty Park, which marks the place of the former medieval walls.

A visit to a concentration camp is a very strong moment even for strong characters! It will engrave in your memory and you will change your view of the world. The tour also includes a documentary from the time of liberation by Auschwitz by the Soviet army.

When asked how the name Březinka came into existence, why did extermination camps originate here? Who and for what reason was he interned here? What was the daily routine, diet and life, what happened to the children? Could families live here together? What medical experiments on prisoners did Dr. Mengele? Could you survive in the camp? Has anyone escaped?

These and many other questions will be answered by a guide, a tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp is a very emotional experience.

Auschwitz (Auschwitz in German) became one of the camps where it was estimated that about 1.5 million Jews were murdered during World War II.

In the city, which then became a symbol of inhumanity and genocide, from a huge complex of buildings, 45 brick and 22 wooden buildings have been preserved, which now serve as museums. Here you will find documents and photographs about the occupation of Poland by the German and Soviet armies, shoes and clothing after the murdered prisoners and period interiors.

Remember and honor the memory of all who have put their lives here.

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