Canada is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. The Economist has repeatedly voted 3 of Canadian locations (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary) in the top 5 best places to live in North America. This pushes Canada to the top of the list of almost every traveler. But Canada doesn’t just offer modern metropolises. It also boasts beautiful natural scenery that attracts millions of adventure travelers each year. We offer you a list of places and natural destinations that you should definitely see when visiting Canada.

Cities in Canada

The most famous cities in Canada reflect the diversity of the population. Because each city has its own uniqueness, Canada has a lot to offer to explore all types of tourists.


Although Toronto and Montreal are better known, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The charm of Ottawa is that it is a thoughtfully designed and especially pedestrian friendly city.

Many historic buildings, especially the Houses of Parliament and Laurier Castle, are lovingly preserved. One of the most famous landmarks in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal, which passes through the city and at temperatures below freezing becomes the largest ice rink in the world.


Toronto is the country’s financial center with a large number of different populations and neighborhoods, including Greek, Italian and Korean, and the second largest Chinese city in North America.

Toronto is probably the most famous city in Canada thanks to the Toronto International Film Festival, the CN Tower and sports clubs such as the Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs and Raptors.

In addition to all the capital’s city attractions such as museums, great shopping and live theater, Toronto offers a long waterfront on Lake Ontario and three rivers that cross the city, providing relaxation through sidewalks and parks.

Toronto is less than two hours from the border with the USA and thus Niagara Falls.


Vancouver is where the ocean meets the mountains. In addition to spectacular natural beauty, this coastal metropolis of British Columbia has a relaxed charm, making it one of Canada’s most popular cities to visit.

Vancouver is also the gateway to all kinds of adventures in the area, including Whistler / Blackcomb Ski Resort and many coastal islands. The city also serves as a port stop for cruise ships, which are most often headed to Alaska.

The city is less than three hours from Seattle and boasts an exceptional public transportation system that can take visitors from downtown Vancouver International Airport in approximately 20 minutes.


The spirit of the old west is alive and still felt in Calgary, where cowboy hats and dances are still in vogue. The Calgary Stampede Festival has introduced this city to visitors. Well, it became one of Canada’s top destinations mainly due to the fact that it was the first host of the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and offers all the hospitality options such as hotels, restaurants and other small things that accompany the city center. It has had great prosperity since the 1990s. The proximity of Calgary to Banff, the Rocky Mountains, ice fields and other natural phenomena is also a great attraction for this region.

Dawson City

Dawson City is a city in the northwest of the country located on the Yukon River. It is an incredible community that has preserved its past. The city invites you to the past, where you can walk through a wooden town, visit the national historical wealth. You can try your luck and pan for gold, because gold mines are still in operation.

Nature in Canada

Canadian nature is enchanting. Surely everyone will come to their own. However, we bring you a list of the most beautiful natural places in Canada.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the jewel of Canada. Founded in 1885, it is the oldest national park in Canada and features Canada’s most beautiful scenery. It is home to the magical green waters of Lake Louise, the Icefields Parkway and stunning views of glaciers and mountain peaks. Visitors are surrounded by these beauties all year round.

There are many ways you can enjoy magnificent views of Banff. The Banff Gondola, popular with tourists, offers a relaxing 8-minute ride to Mount Sulfur, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Bow Valley and Banff. On the other hand, more adventurous tourists can walk along the 5.7 km of footpath.

Activities in Banff National Park vary by season. In summer, you can go hiking, fishing and cycling.

Banff National Park turns into a winter wonderland in the cold months of December to March. Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village are important ski destinations in Canada, where tourists during this period will focus on winter activities such as skiing, snowtubing, dog sledding and ice fishing.

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It is an incredible and large park that offers everything from hiking to stunning glaciers. Jasper National Park is the perfect place for active activities and there are plenty of outdoor activities for visitors. Hiking, wilderness trips, climbing, fishing, camping and horse riding are just some of the many options. Don’t miss the park’s main attractions, including the beautiful Athabasca Falls, breathtaking views from the Jasper SkyTram and the beautiful waters of Medicine Lake.

Glacier National Park

Thanks to its exceptional alpine scenery and deep valley, Glacier National Park is a year-round paradise. It is the first national park founded in British Columbia and is one of the most interesting parks.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls on the planet. The waterfalls themselves are a combination of three waterfalls (Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls) along the Canadian-American border. They are 57 meters high and fall into a large lake below them. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls, which are not the tallest in the world, are impressively the strongest waterfall in North America.

Whether you’re looking at waterfalls nearby from a cruise ship, an aerial view from a helicopter, or standing by them, there’s no wrong way to witness this beauty.

Shops, casinos and restaurants are also available in the area and visitors should not miss the stunning panoramic views of Niagara Falls from the Skylon Tower terraces.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 15-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. Since 1889 attracts visitors and locals. It’s a swinging bridge over a canyon Capilano, making it one of Canada’s most popular attractions. The reason is simple - there are so many things to see. It is 137m long and at a height of 70m above the river.

Horseshoe Falls

One of the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls. It is also the largest of the three waterfalls. Two-thirds of them are located in Ontario, Canada, and one-third in the United States. It is rightly called the “jewel of Niagara.” With a height of 52 meters and a width of 670 meters, over 2,271,240 liters of water flow through it every second.

Butchart Gardens

A trip to Vancouver Island is not complete without a visit to Butchart Gardens. Located in Brentwood Bay - near Victoria - this famous landmark is home to a cluster of beautiful gardens with hundreds of varieties of flowers. It is one of the main attractions on Vancouver Island and is so popular that tourists spending a few days in Vancouver often take day trips to the island.

The gardens receive almost a million visitors each year.

The current owner and CEO is Robin-Lee Clarke, the great-granddaughter of the founding couple.

Gros Morne National Park Newfoundland

This other world-renowned national park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its comprehensive geology. Gros Morne National Park is the second largest national park in eastern Canada, covering 11,805 km2 of West Newfoundland. The views are stunning, as this huge park contains about 600m high cliffs, some of the highest waterfalls in Canada and also sandy beaches, rocky lakes and forests.

Tablelands, a unique rock massif in the park, was formed by the collision of continents and the grinding of glaciers. The park is rich not only in its landscape, but also in its significant history.

There are five campsites in the park, where Kemper can enjoy summer days at Berry Hill, Shallow Bay, Trout Tiver Pond, Lomond or Greenpoint Campground.


Návštěvníci by si měli uvědomit, že vstupní poplatek do parku je na den.

Additional fees are for camping, hiking, etc. A car is recommended and it is the most convenient way to get around this huge park. If you don’t mind cycling or walking down the hills, then this would be your second alternative!

If you own a canoe or kayak, Trout River and Bonne Bay are great places to do this.

Canada’s highest mountain, Mount Logan

Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest in North America. It measures 5959m. This mountain is located in Kluane National Park, in the Yukon, Canada. It is the center of the largest glacier area in North America. The expedition led by A. H. MacCarthy and H. F. Lambert on June 23, 1925 was the first to reach the top. It is located in the St. Elias Mountains of the Yukon, in one of the largest mountain blocks in the world. Mount Logan has several peaks that rise above a snow and ice plateau reaching a distance of 19 kilometers. Now there are 13 different paths to this mountain.

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