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Martinique, the pearl of the Caribbean
Do you long for exotics without leaving Europe?
Central America and the Caribbean · Martinique
Jan 18, 2016 2 min read
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(Jet) The surf season is here

Have you heard of motorized surfing? Such a motosurf does not need waves, you can ride it at sea as well as on the pond in the village square. In addition, it can drive at speeds of up to 60 km / h. And Czech invented it.

JetSurf was actually a byproduct of Moto GP. Martin Šula, the inventor of JetSurf, could not apply his motorcycle racing improvements, but he was not left in the workshop. Instead he put together the first motorized surfboard, which he then gradually improved. Today, he organizes international races and his JetSurf has won celebrities like Justin Bieber or Vladimir Putin. Try it, too.

Surf with or without motor?

While running up the stairs to the Algarve 's surfboards with a classic board and running down once, with JetSurf with a full tank, you change your mind twice before choosing such a beach. JetSurf is just a little heavier than a classic board and you need to learn how to electronics in it and how to properly sense the tank.

On the other hand, with motorized surf, you can ride almost anywhere. And you don’t have to wait for the waves to ride at all. “You can do anything with JetSurf,” says Martin Sula, adding: “Some people like to jump on the wave, others enjoy the sunset on a flat river or lake, it’s individual.”

For the first time on calm waters

For JetSurfer beginners, closed water areas, such as ponds and lakes, where the surface is level, are best. The Czechs have this advantage, in Valtice they have a JetSurf Academy with their own race track where they can learn and ride in the company of the founder of JetSurf and people who know the motorized board as their shoes. Once they become stable on the board and become dazzled, they can try a river or smaller waves at sea.

Flymeto - (Jet) The surf season is here

Where are pros

“The most experienced World Cup competitors must train on the track. That’s why most top riders go where they can ride between buoys, “says Lukáš Záhorský. In addition to the aforementioned Valtice, there are dozens of motosurf sites in Thailand, Bali, but also in Europe or the United States. They are already ready for JetSurf and offer charging stations, gasoline and other gadgets. But as the racers themselves say, the background is not so important, they can bring everything with them.

Among all, let us mention Bali and Croatia, which in JetSurfer responses often appeared as often as sites that the competitors would choose as a new home if they were to say goodbye to the Czech lump. And who would wonder, watch the video and you will know why Bali and motorized surf sounds like a perfect holiday combo.

What to do with JetSurf in winter

With a ticket in your pocket, something like high season doesn’t exist for a surfer, let alone a JetSurfer. When the season ends in America, you will fly to the Maldives. Czech JetSurfers still find time for the mountains. Motorsport, skiing and snowboarding are intertwined with JetSurf. “Skiing is a good practice for experienced JetSurf riders, it improves physical and fitness,” advises Lukáš Záhorský.

How to summon motosurf for years

“It’s important to have the surfboard completely dry and to rinse the tank. Then it is necessary to select companies that allow the transport of sports equipment. Emirates is the best, friends aren’t much with Germany, but they will understand it over time, “laughs Aneta Sacher of the MSR Engines Racing Team.

In general, however, airlines do not see the difference between surfboard and motorized surfing and carry it normally as sports equipment. Just disconnect the wiring, smell the tank in violets and not gasoline, as joke Pavel Heiník jokes, pack it among other things in the luggage and you can fly.

“In this, JetSurf is great, as perhaps the only motorsport in the world is not so limited by demanding logistics,” compares Jakub Kornfeil Moto Surf WorldCup and Moto GP.


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