The fastest and most convenient way to get to Italy is by air. Italy is full of interesting places worth seeing. We can look to Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Bari, Florence or Naples. Italy, which reminds us of its boot shape, is also the center of fashion trends, especially in Milan. Buy tickets to Italy easily and quickly from the comfort of your home.

Before you buy tickets

Before we start buying a ticket, it’s a good idea to think about our approximate route plan, where we want to look and how to get there. You can go to Italy at any time of the year. This country always has something to offer. In summer we can spend a beautiful holiday on sunny sandy beaches, in winter we are enchanted by the snowy Alps, and all year round you can go for sights, history or culture to Rome, Venice or Sicily. However, if we want to avoid massive crowds of tourists, avoid the summer holiday season.


There is enough snow for a ski holiday in February and the first half of March

To the sea

July and August are the best holidays in northern and central Italy and September in the south

To Italy

Return direct flights from London to Italy from 60 GBP


Return direct flights from London to Palermo from 102 GBP

How much does a ticket to Italy cost

The price of the ticket is affected by the destination and the period. There are dozens of places in Italy where we can go. The price of a ticket to Italy is between 35 and 130 GBP. If you follow the prices of the tickets, you can get interesting prices for the return trip. The cheapest we can get to Milan, Venice, Pisa and Rome. More expensive flights to Italy include Sardinia and Sicily.

Ticket prices to Rome

The graph describes the minimum found ticket prices and their development by weeks. Further data on the graph show the average day and night temperatures and total precipitation, if data are available. By clicking on the individual columns in graph, you will get a more detailed current data from the search engine.

Price of the cheapest return flight from London to Rome, EUR

Ticket prices to Naples

Price of the cheapest return flight from Edinburgh to Neapol, EUR

See the table below for more flight combinations.

When to buy a ticket to Italy

It is good to buy tickets to Italy 2-4 months before the scheduled departure. It is definitely good to follow the actions of air carriers to make the price as favorable as possible.

Best day for departure to Italy

Most people want to spend an extended weekend or vacation abroad. Italy is also a good destination. In the winter months you get the cheapest flights to Italy, where there are fewer tourists. Tickets to seaside destinations, especially during the summer holidays, will run out quickly.

FAQ for buying tickets to Italy

A few frequently asked questions and answers about flights to Italy. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us either via online chat, email or by phone.

What airlines fly to Italy?

England and Italy have very good air connections. Many direct flights also exist due to the fact that the England and especially London is a very popular destination for tourists from Italy.

The most famous airlines that fly to Italy certainly include Swiss Airlines, Alitalia, Iberia, Lufthansa, British Airways and KLM.

If you are looking for low-cost airlines, Ryanair, Vueling, EasyJet or Wizz Air also fly to Italy.

How long does the flight to Italy take?

The length of a direct flight to Italy depends on the specific destination. The shortest flight is to Milano, which, for example, takes about 2 hours from London, and the longest is Sicily, which can be reached in 5 hours with a transfer. You can consult the average flight length in the table below.

Where to buy tickets to Italy?

Flights to Italy, can be conveniently purchased through our portal, where the lowest flight prices are always available. It is also possible to set up ticket monitoring on our portal and we will inform you by e-mail once a day, whenever the price changes.

If you need any information regarding the purchase of a ticket or flight, you can contact our customer center, which is available online via chat or email address.

You can buy flight tickets from London to Italy with us.

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What airlines fly to Rome?

We can get to Rome by direct flight from London with Vueling, Ryanair, Alitalia, Easyjet, British Airways.

From Manchester we get to Rome with Jet2, Lauda Motion, Wizz Air or Vueling, Lufthansa.

How long does the flight to Rome take?

The average length of a direct flight from London to Rome or vice versa is approximately 2 hour and 30 minutes.

Flight duration is never the same because it is affected by many factors, such as weather conditions, aircraft type or route.

What airlines fly to Milan?

We can get to Milan from London with Alitalia, Ryanair, British Airways, EasyJet.

How long does the flight to Milan take?

The flight takes approximately 2 hours.

What airlines fly to Venice?

British Airways and Easyjet fly to Venice to Marco Polo Airport and RyanAir to Treviso Airport.

How long does it take to fly to Venice?

The flight to Venice takes approximately 2 hours 15 minutes.

What to do after landing in Italy

After landing in Italy, we recommend exchanging a few euros at the airport if you do not have home with you. Nowadays, it is possible to pay by card in most places, but it is good to always have a small amount of cash on hand.

After getting off the plane, they will take you to the checked baggage at the airport, where you will pick it up. Follow your flight number above the taxiway.

You can also find out at the airport how to get from the airport to the center, look for bus or train connections, or you can use the car rental, if you plan to go around more places.

Why go to Italy

Italy is one of the few countries where you can go for any kind of vacation, whether for history and culture to places like Rome, Naples, Florence or Venice. Or enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches such as Calabria, Sicily or Sardinia.

And we must not forget the popular ski resorts in the Italian Alps, such as Livigno, Sella Ronda, Cortina D’Ampezzo or Alta Badia.

Popular flight combinations to Italy


To get current ticket prices for the whole country, click on the link to the ticket on flight tickets from London to Italy or flight tickets from Edinburgh to Italy.

What to know next about Italy

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