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Islands where aircraft fly damn low

From: #flymeto   |   Aug 15, 2019

A dreamy Caribbean idyll who has her zest. Such are the islands of Saint Martin and Saba, which are, among other things, endowed with one of the two most adrenaline runways in the world. On Saint Martin and its surroundings, it is still the concentration of contrasts and unique things that enjoy the most. And these are the most popular.

Gateway to the Caribbean paradise

Saint Martin is considered the gateway to the Caribbean, just through the local airport to get all the islands in the Caribbean. You will arrive here both from Europe (flights from Paris and Amsterdam) and from the USA. And speaking of exploring the Caribbean, no one smaller than Christopher Columbus himself found and colonized the island.

With light adrenaline

Princess Juliana International Airport is considered one of the ten most dangerous pilots airports in the world. Planes land above Maho Beach, one of the main on the island, at an altitude of only some 30 meters. Every day on the beach, you will meet more people who come to see and take a picture of the plane at close range than those who are interested in swimming. A favorite sport of tourists is to stand on the beach so that the air wave from the jet engines of the starting plane throws them into the ocean.

A piece of France

Saint Martin is divided into Dutch and French parts. The northern part of France is very quiet, reminiscent of southern France and its French roots. Seekers of fragile beauty will appreciate visiting the local butterfly farm. You can also bring one of the 18 distinctive scents of the French Caribbean from Tijon perfume , or have your own cologne mixed.

Pac’s tip

In the capital of the French part of Marigot, look for Seraphina, an absolutely amazing pastry shop with a bakery renowned throughout the island. It is one of the most popular breakfast stops of all sailors and sailors from all over the Caribbean. From the garden you can see about a thousand yachts that are moored around.

A piece of Holland

The Dutch part is perfect for a wilder holiday that requires bars, nightclubs and shops. At night, the capital of Philipsburg, where there is a huge marina, is also most popular for night cruises.

However, the Dutch part also offers quiet corners for relaxation and holidays with children. The local zoo of Sint Maarten Park rules one of the finest collections of Caribbean parrots. Old-time lovers can go back in history while visiting Fort Amsterdam and Fort Willem I or the remains of the Sucker Garden salt factory, which originally made the whole island in the interest of the French and Dutch.

Beaches of all colors

Accommodation with the most beautiful beach offers Grand Case in the French part of the island, or try Orient Bay Beach. In the Dutch part, in addition to the aforementioned Maho Mullet Bay and others. “Take a trip to the surroundings. 30 minutes of quiet cruises and you are on the island of Anguilla, where are the whitest beaches of the whole Caribbean. There is nobody on the beach and the service from the nearby restaurants is great.

One island is not enough

Other islands will guarantee a perfect trip. Explore the sights of Saint Kitts (Saint Kitts). Here you will find the majestic Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park , three universities and the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, making Saint Kitts and Nevis the smallest nation ever to host a World Cup match.


The best nearby island is Saba. There are no beaches where visitors would be littered with rubbish near the coast and remarkable underwater formations, mostly caused by volcanic activity, sea turtles, dolphins and tropical fish remain intact. No wonder this natural underwater reserve is one of the top ten dive sites in the world.

“He always sinks from a boat and is really worth it. The best thing is to combine a morning flight - take 3 dives and fly back around 5pm or spend the night there, dive the next day and then return in a calm plane. “The plane flies low (about 150 meters high), so divers need not be afraid of any complications.

King Kongův ostrov

You already know about Saba Island as one of the world's diving and snorkeling hotspots. But did you know that his volcano-shaped relief provided the backdrop for the original 1933 King Kong film? The island will be enjoyed especially by those who seek pure unspoiled nature for abundant treks and relaxation in the tropics without excessive trade. Do not look for a Saba franchise if the paths paved with volcanic stones will lead you somewhere, it will be a pub where they cook and eat very welcoming locals.

"We recommend to fly by plane (about 10 minutes) from Sint Maartena. It lands on the shortest runway in the world, it's a great adrenaline experience. Needless to say, in 40 years there has been no air crash. We definitely do not recommend going to Saba from Sint Maarten by boat (usually Edge or Dawn II every day), the ride is very rocking, to put it mildly. It is after all the open Atlantic. With waves even around 2 meters in good weather. “

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