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Langkawi (LGK)

Island of Legends, the perfect place to ask your beloved to marry ...

About 30 km from the coast is the magnificent archipelago of Langkawi. The main island is surrounded by several other small islands and islets. Langkawi Island is called “Island of Legends”. According to an ancient Malaysian legend, the islands are the resting place of the mythical Garuda bird, who wore the Vishnu god on his wings. You will be impressed by the almost mystical beauty of these islands.

The main island of Palau Langkawi is a real dream of lovers of travel, its beauty is famous all over the world. It deserves to be one of the most attractive holiday resorts with flawless beaches and hiking trails. In addition to luxury hotels, you will also find older temples. You can visit the crocodile farm, Batik village, do not miss the large sea aquarium, waterfalls and rest entrust beautiful beaches, the most famous are in the north and west.

In the capital Kuah you will find all the conveniences of civilization.

The most famous monument on the island is the tomb of Princess Mahsuri. The white stone slab attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year.

Take motorboat tours of the surrounding islands - the “Island Hopping Tour”. This trip will be one of your great experiences, the beauty of the islands is unreal and the photos you take here will be admired not only by your acquaintances. Trips can also be used for swimming. On some of the islands you will surely meet cheeky monkeys, so be careful!

Other islands worth visiting are Pulau Dyang Bunting, which is famous for its beautiful freshwater lake of the same name. The lake is surrounded by numerous rocks and jungle. Legend has it that the water here has magic power to fill childless women with their desire for a child. Suffice it to swim in the lake.

Langkawi is also a place of convenient shopping - duty-free. Buy natural products and batik very cheaply here.

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