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Insure yourself before travelling abroad

Are you planning to go on holiday in exotic landscapes or just near the Czech Republic? In any case, you should check with travel insurance before leaving. Without it, vacation can become quite expensive. Not only a pleasant experience awaits you; Abroad you would have to pay medical expenses without travel insurance.

As citizens of the Czech Republic, you are entitled to the necessary healthcare in the EU Member States, the European Economic Area and Switzerland if necessary. They pay extra for visiting a doctor, hospitalization and medicines in EU countries. In this case, it is a good idea to keep proof of payment, which you then submit to your health insurance company.

The home insurance company pays for the use of the insured by public health facilities, the visit to private centers and hospitals must pay for the entire care itself. Entitlement to care is shown by the European Health Insurance Card, which you receive from your health insurance company.

Most insurance companies even offer special insurance for sports injuries, it is also possible to insure a specific type of sport. It also depends on the difficulty of the sporting activity. Some sports are considered recreational by insurance companies, but they do not need to be further insured. These include downhill, cross-country skiing, recreational cycling. However, you should drive and ski on the marked slopes and trails. Racing, yachting, hockey, ski mountaineering, recreational diving are most often referred to as risky sports; extreme sports such as snowboarding, car racing, ski jumping, glacier hiking, and more.

There is also a tourist insurance, which is designed to protect against the possible financial consequences of damage abroad, mostly cover medical expenses, loss of luggage, damage to third parties. This type of insurance is for short-term trips abroad for the purpose of knowledge, rest, and other non-work activities.

You can buy tourist insurance from a few pennies a day.

The travel insurance also includes, among other things, additional luggage insurance, assistance services, cancellation insurance and accident insurance.

We recommend that you contact your insurance company or other commercial insurance company for each type of supplementary insurance.

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