Castle that decorates the Dracula Region
From the distance mysteriously protruding turrets of the castle, which is surrounded by a deep moat, lure every tourist to see. Corvin Castle can be found in Hunedoara, Romania. Corvin Castle is linked with a rich history of more than six centuries, which you can learn about in part from the exposition inside. Not only is it a great tourist attraction, it also serves as a beautiful, cinematic and fairytale backdrop.
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Belgian landmarks

Denmark is not just Legoland
Are you wondering where to go with the children? How about Denmark? You can visit not only the famous Legoland. Everyone knows favorite lego bricks and your child will not be bored here. Legoland has been operating here since 1968. Denmark is a country with a high standard of living, but also a number of sights and places to visit. The ideal period for visiting Denmark is September to May, as in other Scandinavian countries.
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