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New York by bike
New York by Bike
North America · New York - USA
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Dog beach

Weekends for two up to CZK 20,000
Enjoy a slightly different weekend with your partner. In these European capitals with a three-day trip (2 nights) for 2 people can go up to 20 000 CZK. Including flight tickets, accommodation, meals, sightseeing and some coffee with dessert in the restaurant’s historic center. The amounts are indicative and based on average fares and accommodation, restaurants and major sights in the city. It depends only on your taste, which one you prefer.
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Weekends for two

Artist Banksy
Banksy hotelier
Asia · Israel
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What does not belong in hand luggage
Security check is always a little stress. Somewhere they let you pass quickly, elsewhere they thoroughly sew you through. What can you do to get through it as quickly as possible? First, prepare well in advance. Traveling only with hand luggage has many advantages. On the other hand, you need to get everything into it. And this can be a problem with checking. Be sure to leave all forbidden things at home.
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(Jet) The surf season is here
Have you heard of motorized surfing? Such a motosurf does not need waves, you can ride it at sea as well as on the pond in the village square. In addition, it can drive at speeds of up to 60 km / h. And Czech invented it. JetSurf was actually a byproduct of Moto GP. Martin Šula, the inventor of JetSurf, could not apply his motorcycle racing improvements, but he was not left in the workshop.
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How to save on exchange rates when going on vacation
The differences in exchange rate offers often differ by up to several hundred hellers for 1 euro. You can thus save more than a negligible amount on your vacation! It is important to change money with the right companies and then you only have to pay abroad in the right way. First, make sure that the bank you are a client of offers a good exchange rate. There is also a difference between individual financial institutions and can amount to 0.
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