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Tips on how to avoid the crowds
The season of sightseeing tours is here. Pleasant moments traveling to sightseeing can be unpleasant unexpected queues at the ticket offices or inexhaustible masses of tourists, when you have to for example in the museum crowd people. Avoid the crowds and enjoy the sights Cities like Paris, Rome, Athens will offer you unforgettable tours. But they have one thing in common - endlessly long queues, a huge number of tourists. These problems can be easily avoided:
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In the sun in winter to Thailand

From: #flymeto   |   Jul 22, 2019

If you love the sun and want to enjoy it in winter, you should definitely go to a tropical paradise. Get to know Thailand together with us. Head to the Thai Islands, where you will still discover the virgin beaches that offer you privacy and complete relaxation. In general, if you want to avoid crowds of tourists, head to the smaller islands and completely leave out the resorts on the coast.

Beaches as shown

Enjoy the local beaches with a freshly squeezed coconut drink. You can expect soft, white sands, crystal clear blue sea, cool sea breeze and bent palm trees on most beaches in Thailand. The most beautiful belong to the islands, which Thailand has an incredible 1,403 and most of them can be reached by boat. So there’s a chance for everyone to hunt their paradise on earth for themselves.

Thai cuisine

The true taste of Thai food can only be found here and forget about the taste you know from our bistros. The local cuisine is renowned all over the world and will surely exceed your expectations. The scents that attack your olfactory senses will not allow you not to taste all the goodies that Thailand has to offer. Common ingredients are chicken and pork, fresh caught shrimp and rice or rice noodles. Daredevils await unusual meals in the street stalls, for example in the form of exotic insects of varying degrees. And if you want to taste Thai national food, look for Phat tai (pad thai), which are wide rice noodles with tofu, egg and shrimp.

Flymeto - Plovoucí trh Damnoen Saduak nedaleko Bangkoku.

Flymeto - Prodejce thajských nudlí

Flymeto - Chinatown, uliceYaowarat, Bangkok, Thajsko

Flymeto - Gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) ve volné přírodě v Národním parku Keangkrajarn, Thajsko

Smile every step

A smile on the faces of the locals demonstrates that friendliness, humility and friendliness are deeply rooted in the Thai mentality. That is why Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”. Don’t be frightened if you ever get caught around your shoulders or hand. Thais use contact as a form of communication at the language barrier to guide you to the place. It is not typical behavior for Europeans, but after a while you get used to the same friendly wave. Young Thais, however, often speak English well, and because of their nature, they often invite you to a house for refreshments.

Thai massage

Going to Thailand and not enjoying traditional Thai massage would be a real pity. The competition here is so great that you will find massage on every corner and prices start at CZK 120 for a half-hour massage. However, avoid commercial massage and try to find a masseur using an ancient Nuad Borán massage (a technique with a combination of acupressure and yoga) and find that massage is not a massage.

Nature and trips

34,500 square kilometers, such an area occupies the national parks of Thailand. So if you prefer nature and wildlife, definitely go to at least one of them. It is definitely worth a visit Kho Yai National Park, the third largest park in Thailand. This evergreen forest forms a mountainous area that includes grassy plains, all of which together form a complex that is filled with a large number of bird and animal species. It is no exception that you will often see kingfisher and leaping gibbons. Finally, we add some tips on which islands to go and enjoy the perfect room. Our favorite are the islands of Koh Jum (sometimes also called Koh Pu), Koh Tao, Koh Phavam and Koh Koot.

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