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In Monster Park you will experience a mysterious atmosphere

Near the Italian town of Viterbo in the Lazio area above the Tiber Valley, on the rocky slope is the Bomarzo Park, full of monsters and famous fairy tale characters. Go to the countryside to get to know the famous Italian monument. Come here to taste the spooky atmosphere and at the same time you will discover the sculptures created on the spot with the volcanic material provided by nature itself. The original name of Parco dei mostri is also known by its distinctive names such as the Holy Forest or Sacro Bosco. The statues are spread all over the park, and you will see fantastic and allegorical figures carved right where they stand. They are made of stones of volcanic origin.

Visit also the Orsini Castle, the prince of Pier Francesco Orsini had this park established in the 16th century.

Walking comfortably through the park you will be amazed and feel a strange, somewhat mysterious atmosphere, which is further enhanced by the resounding voices of nature. You will hear the noise of a small waterfall and breathe the lush forest air that will revive the sweet singing of birds. You will see various imaginary ghosts and monsters, even elephants, dragons, various other animals or human bodies. Daredevils propose to enter directly into the maw of hell of one of these stone monsters, which represents an allegory of human existence.

Do not miss the quiet and engaging atmosphere in the beautiful park, you will feel comfortable here and you will know the attractions in the middle of Italian nature. We have tickets to Italy now for special prices, so do not hesitate to book them and go with friends or family on a great trip full of knowledge!

During your vacation, go to the nearby towns of Viterbo and experience a lot more great experiences! Get inspired by us and watch our section regularly every day!

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